Women of Philadelphia Rock the House

We weren’t just kidding when we told you the fabulously talented women in our We Can Do It! showcase were going to bring the house down. Wednesday night, Rock On Philly was proud to host a powerful and fun evening at Milkboy featuring performances by some of Philly’s own fantastic women in music: Tara Hendricks, Victoria Watts, and CC Davis. In celebration of Women’s History Month, these women rocked the crowd and played a memorable show.

The amazing Monica McIntyre warmed up the crowd with her gorgeous cello and soul set; her voice a chill-inducing force that filled the room. There’s an earnest, heart-filled aspect to her work, and opening the show with such honesty set the crowd in the perfect mood for the rest of the night.


Our first mainstager was Tara Hendricks, and boy can that girl sing. There’s a wonderful soulful quality to Tara’s work, the likes of Amy Winehouse and The Noisettes — both of whom she covered. Her band is tight, in-sync, and the perfect complement to Tara’s powerful voice. Her music is not something you want to miss. A perfect first act, Tara has finely mastered her cheeky blues sound, and she’s got talent to spare. Her original work is engaging, exciting, and well-crafted. She’s a unique voice in the Philly music scene and can sing circles around just about anyone.


Next to the stage was Victoria Watts, Philly’s rock queen. Victoria spoke out in our show preview about the status of women in the music industry, and her talent was clear as day on the Milkboy stage. With an energetic set, Victoria brought a punk-rock feeling to the mix, throwing in an excellent Florence + The Machine cover. Victoria is certainly a powerful figure in the Philadelphia music scene, and she’s got femme rock down pat.


Last up was CC Davis, who opened her set with an astonishing cover of “Proud Mary“. She got the house bumping for the final hour of the night, bringing incredible energy, a hefty dose of soul, and indomitable force to the stage. She commanded the attention of the room through her set and brought the evening to a wonderful close. With so much power, it was impossible not to be captivated by her performance. Her set was the perfect ending to a perfect night of good people and good music.

Our own Jennifer Logue got up between sets to show the crowd what she’s made of, singing her original work before introducing the next act. A rare treat for Rock On Philly audiences!

From the first song to the last, these women certainly delivered and showed Philadelphia just how good they are. We couldn’t have picked a more fitting trio of talent for a celebration of Women’s History Month; Jen herself declared this was one of the best showcases we’ve ever put on. Follow these fantastic women on twitter — @taragirl, @Victoria_Watts1, @accessdavis — to keep up with their happenings. These ladies are a force to be reckoned with.

Photo credit to John Hayes and Katie Antonsson

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