Wu-Tang Fans Start Kickstarter

The drama unfolds! If you read my last article on the Wu-Tang album The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin…, you’ll know that I’m behind the group’s unprecedented release decision: the Wu-Tang Clan is releasing a single copy of their latest album that will go to the highest bidder. The idea is to have it trade between museums, festivals, and the like where listening parties will give an audience the chance to hear the album in a curated environment.

Fans have other ideas. Two west coast twenty-somethings have started a Kickstarter to raise $5 million to purchase the album and distribute it for free.

For all the fans who won’t be able to pay 30-50 bucks to listen to a double album in one sitting, let’s raise enough money to buy this album and then turn around and give it away for free. Wu members can still get their CREAM and the rest of us get to enjoy an epic album instead of some uber rich [guy] keeping it to himself like a collector’s item.

As the founder of this group I pledge to not keep a single penny of the money raised. Every cent will be bid to win the album. If we don’t get it then everyone gets their money back.

This album is not supposed to be a commercial endeavor, despite the big price tag. It’s not for the charts, it’s for the art. So if it flops, experiment failed. It’s hard to say how successful this Kickstarter will be, but I will be disappointed if it succeeds. I am all for the spread of good music, but I also feel that artistry needs to be reintroduced to the popular music world.

These two are also completely missing the point. It’s not likely that this album will go to a single bidder to admire on a shelf. It will likely go to an institution to allow for curated public consumption. That’s the vision. If it does go to a single bidder, I don’t think Wu-Tang would be too happy about it either.

RZA sums it all up: “The main theme is music being accepted and respected as art and being treated as such. If something is rare, it’s rare. You cannot get another.”

If anything, we should start a Kickstarter to bring the album to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Who’s with me?

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