Album Review: Lines in the Sky- Hilasterion

Hilasterion is the first, full- length release from Nashville band, Lines in the Sky. Made up of Jesse Brock on vocals, guitars, and piano, his brother Bowman Brock on drums, and longtime friend Zack Wakefield on bass, Lines in the Sky has made incredible strides since forming the band two years ago and with Hilasterion, their star is about to shine even brighter.


Produced by Lines in the Sky along with Austin Klinger, the overall sound of the record is a mix of Rush and Muse. What is immediately apparent is the solid musicianship of the band. Lead singer Jesse Brock has a flawless voice, with power and an impressive upper range. It soars effortlessly over the gorgeous symphony- like orchestration of guitars, bass, and drums. Their songwriting is quite unique as well, using inventive chord progessions and arrangements to tell a story in addition to the lyrics. Hilasterion could easily be a soundtrack to an entire movie, from top to bottom. The music really takes you on a journey, filled with peaks, valleys, and unadulterated rock power.


The word Hilasterion is Greek for the act of atonement and the theme of damage and repair is peppered throughout the album’s lyrical content. With songs like “I Had a Dream That Everything Broke”, “Needles and Stitches”, and “Dig Deeper,” this is apparent. Hilasterion also plays with the theme of questioning our existence, with lines like, “Are you alive?/Do you breathe?/ Do you listen?” Quite the deep subject matter for a band that is barely out of high school!

Expect to hear much more from Lines in the Sky over the next year. Their album was released on April 30th and is currently available on iTunes. To stay up to date with the band, join their mailing list here and be sure to catch them in Bethlehem, PA for Musikfest on August 2nd.

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