Best of the B Sides: “We Get On”

Going back and listening to old school Kate Nash is so much fun. Her 2007 debut Made of Bricks is a joy to listen to, and it’s nice to remember the sweet music she used to make before she went punk. Both sides of Nash are fantastic, and (in truth) not so different. When you go back to Made of Bricks, there are hints of what was coming even then. A few of the songs have a punk vibe hidden deep in them — “Mariella” for starters — so after how angry her second album My Best Friend Is You (2010) is, the punk vibe of Girl Talk (2013) was a natural development.

So we’re having some fun with old school Kate Nash this week! Seems appropriate given that summer is pretty much here. My favorite track from Made of Bricks has always been “We Get On”. While “Foundations” really made a splash for this album, “We Get On” takes the storytelling aspect of “Foundations” and has a little more fun with it. “We Get On” is one of the first Kate Nash would-have-been love songs/stories that morphed into “Kiss That Grrrl” on My Best Friend Is You and “Omygod!” on Girl Talk. She pulls a trick that’s effective and cheeky, taking really bouncy, fun melodies and laying biting and bitter lyrics over them.

It’s the same old high school-esque story of a girl who’s not sure how to confess her love for a boy and when she finally works up the courage to tell him, she finds him kissing another girl at a party. The song finishes with a hilarious section of her friends listing off all the reasons why he wasn’t right for her in the first place. It’s the usual heartbreak, but Nash plays with it more, having fun with it. It’s all to do with the tone of the song, though. When you read the words So I proceeded to get drunk and to cry/and lock myself in the toilet for the entire night it’s not so funny, but because it’s done over a fun, light melody, there’s a great levity to it that borders on satire.

Nash adds a dash of delightfully dry English wit to her work, adding a cheeky smile to danceable music. So if the latest incarnation of Kate Nash is a little too much for you sometimes — no matter how fabulous it is — give Made of Bricks another listen and remember why she always used to bring a smile to your face.

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