Lady Gaga Brings artRave to Wells Fargo Center

Lady Gaga‘s Artpop Ball, as expected, was a true spectacle. The show took off with a holographic singer dressed like Sailor Moon singing J-Pop. The voice was characteristically altered in the style of J-Pop, and at first the only thing that gave the singer away as a hologram was the way her green hair rippled. Her name is Hatsune Miku, and everything about her is designed, from her voice to her appearance.

As a DJ clad in a sequin dress pranced around playing mediocre EDM for the next hours, the crowd was getting anxious for Gaga. When the show started, the area exploded into cheers and screams. Dancers crept out of a Teletubbyland-like cavern holding colorful orbs as the music  hyped up the crowd. Lady Gaga ascended wearing a gold sequined unitard with massive wings as if she were ready to take flight. She burst into an energetic frenzy and started immediately with “ARTPOP.” Her dance moves were quirky and true to her style, fitting in with the artistic interpretation she was going for with her new album.

Hits from her latest album like “G.U.Y.” and “Donatella” followed as Lady Gaga strutted across all platforms of the stage which extended in many different directions. One of the smaller stage towards the back of the arena contained a massive, cliff-like keyboard where she rocked out several times during the show. In addition, the stages had trap doors for quick costume changes. For “Venus,” she appeared in her iconic bra shell and blinged-out thong attire, which the crowd was dying to see in person. The trapdoors revealed colorful trees that grew out from the ground to decorate the white stage. The bleakness of the stage was like a canvas, and as the show progressed it was colored by lights to present spectacular, moving art.

The moment “Just Dance” came on, the energy from the crowd exploded. She came out of the trap door in an white onesie with huge shoulder pads. She sang and danced her way throughout the stage as the crowd went wild. Her vocals were spot on and she never missed a beat of dancing. After several older songs like “Paparazzi,” “Bad Romance,” and “Poker Face” while sporting a polka-dotted unitard with large tentacles attached, she changed it up to her more recent hits.

For her encore, she came out in a sparkly white dress with a long train that was runway-worthy. She ended the show with “Gypsy” and descended down the trap doors that she came out of at the beginning. The show overall was geared more toward Gaga’s recent pop hits than her original unique sound, but there was enough artistic qualities to qualify her show as an ArtRave.

2014-05-15 21.29.56


2014-05-15 21.26.30


Lady Gaga at the Wells Fargo Center.

Above photos by Wakana Narisako.


Featured image by Untitled Magazine.

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