Live Show Etiquette: A Handy Infographic

Sometimes we all need a reminder about what’s cool to do and what’s not so cool to do at live music events. Having attended countless concerts myself over the years (and performed at countless concerts!), some not- so- acceptable behaviors pop up over and over again.

Rock On Philly’s own Nikki Robinson put together this awesome Live Show Etiquette Infographic to keep us all in line! Areas covered include: 1. Being conscious of shorter people around you, 2. Don’t spill your beer on your peers, 3. Don’t take footage with your view obstructing tablet, 4. Get off your darn phone, and more.  Check it!

In light of recent events at the Piazza this month, I think an addendum to our infographic will be coming soon.

Live Show Etiquette Infographic

Featured Image via Purple Sneakers

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