May Music Discovery: Hunter Hunted

For the month of May, you’re getting all new music all the time! Stay tuned all month for artist recommendations you might not already know about!

I first heard of Hunter Hunted by kind of running into a concert. My hometown does a summer music festival with free concerts set up all over the city for a few days. I always manage to forget about it, but last summer I went downtown to watch the mainstage for a few hours and happened to see Hunter Hunted. I had never heard their music before, had never even heard their name, but I was blown away by their talent.

They’ve got a similar sound to Magic Man, in truth; synthpop/synthrock that slices through an earnest EP. The Los Angeles duo consists of Dan Chang and Michael Garner, mixing up some fun, summery synthrock tunes that really get a crowd going. They formed Hunter Hunted January 2013, so they’re still relatively young, but they’ve got a lot going for them. Their self-titled EP is fresh, exciting, and nicely produced, but it doesn’t hold a candle to their live performances. They really amp up the energy when they’re in front of a crowd — as does any band — but there’s a really distinct joy that comes through clearly when they play live. That being said, their EP is still an exciting little gem in the synthrock world.

My favorite song on the EP changes every time I listen to it, so right now I’m a huge fan of “Gentle Folks”. Give it a listen and see what you think of Hunter Hunted!

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