May Music Discovery: Huxlee

It’s hard to believe that Huxlee are so young. Recording project of frontwoman Cailtin Notey, Huxlee have a smartly crafted tone and sound that feels fresh while paying due deference to music history. Layering stunning harmonies over complicated melodies, there’s a cognizant effort to make the music sound effortless despite how complex it is. Notey’s voice is beautiful on its own and she lets it play out without overworking her vocal power, bringing a soft subtlety to the group’s debut EP Bloom that makes it utterly captivating. Artists of this folk genre tend to fall back into Bon Iver territory, but Huxlee keep a romantic rock mood at their core, even when the melodies are soft.

Every track on the EP is amazing, but “Crooked Tree” definitely tops the bill. It’s a beautiful, wandering acoustic track with stunning lyrics: Time is running out on you / just the way your lovers do. The harmonies are spot-on throughout Bloom, but especially on “Crooked Tree”. “Olivia” also catches the listener’s attention effortlessly. It builds slowly, verse by verse, but doesn’t audibly fall into any typical formula. Notey’s voice is strong but she keeps it controlled, shifting between softer verses and the stronger chorus.

In a time when good voices come a dime a dozen, Notey stands out. She has a beautiful voice, and she knows how to use it. Huxlee’s work is top-notch. There’s solid mastery in this EP, and it’s going to be exciting to see what comes next for Notey.

They’ve also got a stunning cover of The Killers‘ “Mr. Brightside“. Check it out below! 100% guaranteed to give you chills.

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