May Music Discovery: Koo Koo Kanga Roo

For the month of May, you’re getting all new music all the time! Stay tuned all month for artist recommendations you might not already know about!

Ok, so I’m a dad… and, thus, family friendly music must be part of my daily musical diet. After my sons became obsessed with The Aquabats! Super Show last year, it was only natural that we would bring him to see the ska-rock superheroes in concert at the TLA on their 20 year anniversary tour (which happened last week, by the way). When I bought the tickets a few months back, I saw the opener was a group called Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

In less than a week, the Minneapolis duo (signed to Asian Man Records imprint for family/kids tunes called Fun Fun Records) went from unknown to unforgettable. Not an hour goes by in our home without at least one or two of their songs played via Spotify, YouTube, or DVD. This ramped up even more since Friday night’s show, which ranks among the top performances I’ve ever seen (of approximately 500-600 bands I’ve probably seen live). They were awesome, took pictures with the fans on their Koo Koo Kam, and had more energy than even my kids do.

Koo Koo Kam

Sure, they are a “kids” band, but their infectious electro-hip hop-dance pop runs through my head all day every day, so I contest that parent or not, the Koo is for you… especially since their new album (and all of their albums) are avialble as “pay what you want” on their website. If you aren’t yet convinced, enjoy the workout video for “Dinosaur Stomp” and the music video for “Fanny Pack” below:


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