May Music Discovery: Mo Lowda and the Humble

Maybe you saw them performing at a bar in Philadelphia, or maybe you saw them rocking a basement party at Temple. I stumbled across Mo Lowda and the Humble at a Sofar Sounds concert, and I was immediately impressed by their soulful acoustic set. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Jordan Caiola, drummer Shane Woods, and bassist Nate Matulis, and the trio from Temple University is creating some of the funkiest alternative rock music in Philly.

Signed to Temple’s label, Bell Tower Music, Mo Lowda and the Humble released their album Curse the Weather late last year. The album features hard hitting vocals and smooth bass riffs, held together by a rocking beat and lyrics that make you listen, such as the line in the record’s title track, “I always listen to the optimistic spirit in me, but now I’m wishing that the devil on my shoulder took the title in the best out of three.” The title track starts off with a sparse arrangement of bass and clean electric guitar, leaving room for Caiola’s vocals to cut through the instruments and grab the listener from the very beginning of the song. The following song, “The Water’s Gonna Save Me,” adds a mo-rhythmic element to the album with a bass line that captures your ear’s attention and a beat that won’t let it go.

Watching them live, I was drawn into each song by the passion they have for their music. Listening to the record, I was captivated by their powerful arrangements. Mo Lowda and the Humble’s songs average about four and a half minutes in length, making room for ambient picking and roaring waves of guitar with jams interspersed. Thanks to the band’s addictive record and enthralling live shows, Philadelphia is getting a lot Mo Lowda.

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