May Music Discovery: Vukovi

I don’t know what it is about British bands. I really don’t. Many of the most unique approaches to modern rock I’ve heard have come from across the pond, most notably from Vukovi. Vukovi is one of my obsessions. They still haven’t released a proper album, but their EPs are so strong it doesn’t really matter. Between It Looked So Good On Me… (2011), …But I Won’t Wear You Again (2012), and Sweet Swears (2012), this four piece really knows how to play a solid riff and write a stirring lyric.

There’s astonishing rock sentimentality to these EPs, especially in songs like “Schwagger”, but where things get interesting is in Vukovi’s technical approach to their songwriting. The time signature of “Try Before You Buy” is the most complicated rhythm I’ve ever come across. The song itself is compelling and hard-hitting, but twisting the approach with a shift from 4/4 time to something completely different adds a fresh perspective to rock. Among their entire recorded body of work, there isn’t a single bad song. They’ve got a really familiar garage rock sound, but it’s refine and unique to Vukovi. They take creative risks that pay off. Their sound is heavy, but much of it is pure fun and experimentation.

Vukovi’s sound just works. The beautiful rock guitars, the spot-on rhythm, and Janine Shilstone‘s voice make pure magic. And it’s not just due to the rock glamor of their sound. They’ve got immense power on their acoustic tracks as well. The acoustic recording of “He Loves Me Not” is even better than the studio version.

So if you’re shopping around for some really solid rock bands, give Vukovi a listen.

Photo credit to Andy Mills Photography & Media.

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