May Music Discovery: Weatherbox

For the month of May, you’re getting all new music all the time! Stay tuned all month for artist recommendations you might not already know about!

Some albums come out at a time in the year that just makes sense. San Diego’s Weatherbox recently released Flies In All Directions, at the perfect time between spring and summer when you need something fresh to listen to when you open all your windows and turn up your speakers a lot louder. The brainchild of Brian Warren, this one-man alternative rock band has put out an extensive 13 song, hour-long album full of hard-hitting, fun songs. With songwriting and vocal ability to match the likes of Into It. Over It. and Manchester Orchestra, Flies In All Directions is consistently unique and experimental from front-to-back. The quickly moving songs include simple, catchy hooks along more complicated, intertwined instrumentals to create songs that are easy to sing along to and musically intelligent. Some of the best cuts are “Pagan Baby,” “The Devil and Whom” (featuring stunning vocals from Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra), and “Dark All Night For Us,” but honestly just put the entire album on repeat and you’ll be good for hours.

Download/stream Flies In All Directions on bandcamp.

Photo by Jonathan Weiner, via Facebook.

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