May Music Discovery: You Do You

For the month of May, you’re getting all new music all the time! Stay tuned all month for artist recommendations you might not already know about!

I have this friend, Koof. Koof is a ridiculously neat person to know. He’s intelligent, and culturally informed, and a talented trumpet player (you can catch him playing with the killer-diller brass section of West Philadelphia Orchestra), and he also helps put together and edit this video series called the Random Tea Sessions. He’s a great person to know, is what I’m saying, and thanks to him, I occasionally discover new artists that I like.

I admit, for as much as I listen to music, nothing will make me sit down and pay attention to an artist quicker than a video session where they perform in an intimate setting. (Did you ever see that stripped-down backyard version of “Jolene” that Miley Cyrus did and then get surprised by the fact that she had actual vocal talent? Kind of like that.) The Random Tea Sessions have the added benefit of featuring a lot of Philly artists, which means that if I see a session I really like, chances are that I can go out and catch that artist locally, too! It’s totally a win-win.

It was through these Random Tea Sessions that I found out about You Do You and their version of “Lil Birdie”, which you can see below. I found I was intrigued enough by Katie Feeney’s voice and the band’s sweet take on the song to check out their bandcamp page, where “Lil Birdie” is transformed from a moody acoustic to a funky disco tune, much more in-tune with the band’s regular sound. If you’re into grooves to get you moving and a sweet disco revival sound, I recommend checking out You Do You do them. You won’t regret it!

Photo courtesy of the band’s website.

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