Rock On Philly Exclusive Interview with PAPA

PAPA is a two man band from Los Angeles consisting of Darren Weiss on drums and vocals and Daniel Presant on bass, and they are going big this summer. I had the chance to ask some questions to Darren Weiss to get to know PAPA a little better as they continue their tour around the US and perform at Boot & Saddle on June 10th.

Rock On Philly: How was the experience of producing your debut album Tender Madness? How long did it take?

Darren Weiss: We recorded the bulk of the album in one shot over 12 days, and then ended up adding some things over the course of the next few months while we were back and forth from being on the road. We aren’t expert producers or engineers, and while we had help, it was really exciting and rewarding to figure out how to realize the sounds in our heads using less traditional methods.  Kind of like building a cafe out of paper mache, and praying you can sleep on a cot in the back, and that the rain won’t rip the ceiling through.

ROP: There’s so much energy in the album and it seems perfect to tour with during festival season. Do you have any tricks to stay energized and concentrated during the super hot outdoor shows?

DW: Well I just think we feed off of our fans as much as they feed off of us.  Any one of us has a tidal wave somewhere in us. It’s just about pressing the right combination of buttons to make sure that energy is wider and holier than any sort of exhaustion.

ROP: You recently performed at SXSW. Were you able to hang out with other bands?

DW: Unfortunately, we had a pretty tight schedule, so I didn’t get to see as many performances as I would have liked.  But we were on the same flight with our friend Moses Sumney, and it was his first trip out there, so that was a nice experience to share.

ROP: You guys are all the way from the other side of the country. Do you notice anything different about the energy of the fans during performances or weird fan behavior?

DW: Yeah, in Montreal they speak french.

ROP: Haha. You have quite the busy schedule coming up, from the Governor’s Ball in New York to Lollapalooza in Chicago. Which bands are you excited to mingle with during festivals?

DW: Well it’s been a life long dream to play drums for Outkast.  So really the last six years in PAPA have just been leading up to this point so I can make that connection, and bail on this band to be where I actually belong.

PAPA will be rocking out at Boot & Saddle on June 10th with opener Cayucas so be sure to check them out two days after the Governor’s Ball. You can buy tickets here and follow the rest of their tour schedule on their Facebook page.

Photo from Grandstand Management

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