Skype + Spotify Challenge: Win cool prizes by submitting your fave Pre- Party Tunes!

How do you get in the mood to party? Skype + Spotify + Rock On Philly want to know! For a chance to win super cool prizes including  a Jambox, Nokia 1020, and more, share the Spotify link to your favorite pre-party song on Twitter using hashtags #NowFeeling, and #Contest or IM it to ‘NowFeeling’ on Skype. We’re using your song submissions to make the most amazing pre-party playlist ever.

For more info and to see my video instructions, click here!

I’ll start it off with my pick- “Party Girl” by Xelle.

I dare you to not be in a good mood upon listening!

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  1. First City

    May 21, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Rock on you gorges think

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