Album Review: Birdy – Fire Within

At only 18 years old, Jasmine van den Bogaerde AKA Birdy has released her second studio album Fire Within in the US on June 3rd. The album has been out in Europe since September and may be old news, but it’s time for those of us in the states who are still new to the sound of Birdy to catch up to the rest of the world. Her soulful crooning will make you forget how young she is and appreciate her genius even more. She’s currently supporting Philadelphian Christina Perri in her Head or Heart US Tour so check her out when she stops by your city.

Skinny Love” is recognizable as the cover of Bon Iver but younger listeners may know it by Birdy’s voice. The tone in her voice is filled with well-executed melancholy and the song is a perfect fit for her range. “Wings” is a more optimistic love song relating herself to a bird ready to fly to her love. There’s a strong nature theme to the album that gives the music a lovely grounding. “Strange Birds” is a sorrowful love song about two individuals who are different from the rest of society who understand one another.

The top track is “Light Me Up,” which has a gospel vibe to it with a backup chorus. The music video is suitably cute and reminds us that she is young despite the maturity of her music. There are many good ballad style songs on this album but “Light Me Up” throws in more vibrancy and fun into the mix, along with the uptempo “Words As Weapons.”

People Help The People” closes out the album with the popular ballad for the hope of humanity. The idea is similar to John Lennon’s “Imagine“. There’s an abundance of strong emotions and for such a young artist; it’s amazing how active her mind can be. Birdy’s Fire Within  is an album you have to keep listening to in order to take on full flight.

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