Album Review: White Lung – Deep Fantasy

In a time when quality punk music is a rarity, there are bands like Vancouver, BC natives White Lung. Known for providing vicious, sonic attacks and beatings to listeners through previous releases like 2010’s It’s The Evil and 2012’s Sorry, not much has changed, thankfully. 2014’s Deep Fantasy offers exactly that, a fierce, inhuman sloughing of Nascar-paced thrash.

Through frontwoman Mish Way’s vocals, you can clearly tell that White Lung don’t enjoy subtlety. Deep Fantasy is a classic punk-savvy record, in a time when similar releases are rare. Through 22 short minutes of compact yet devouring punk rock musicianship, you will find yourself deep inside feminist punk-rock at its finest, a record that can be grasped by anyone with a good music sense.

In many ways, White Lung is graced to have one of the most eccentric, passionate, and outspoken frontwomen of any band out there today. She’s simply electrifying. Backed by Kenneth William’s razor-sharp, technical guitar playing, the Vancouver punk act achieve sounds and sonic qualities that many bands, or any for that matter, are achieving today. The result retains the same mythos and fundamental nature of their critically acclaimed album Sorry, on behalf of the return of the producer Jesse Gardner, who worked with White Lung previously.

Tracks like album opener “Drown Me With the Monster” provider listeners exactly with the hookiest demonstration of what White Lung actually does. With sludgy, drop-D guitar riffs sped up to the point in the most wrath like fashion, and backed by Anne-Marie Vassiliou’s fast-paced punk fill-free drumming and cymbal crashes.

Down It Goes” and “Snake Jaw” are likewise impenetrable and broad, touching on the threatening imbalance in hardcore music. With lyrics like “You fear my thick skin, I’m thinking there’s a knife”, and “You drag me behind, Like bitter squirming swine”, body image “If I get fat one day, will you run away?  I’ll starve if you promise to save me” and disordered eating “Here comes my dinner now/It’s for the win”.

The sheer importance of this band for the punk and general music scene alike can’t be mistaken. Even Courtney Love has publicly expressed interest for this up and coming band to achieve mainstream success, and they are, having released Deep Fantasy on major label Domino Recording Co, who have put out records for popular acts such as Real EstateArctic Monkeys, and Animal Collective. In the end, White Lung is the band the punk scene needs and they’re here to stay.

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