American Diamond Recordings Celebrates Release of Ronny

In case you haven’t heard, there are some new kids on the Philly recording block. They have a plan to make Philly “a force to be reckoned with in the world of music”, because they know that “something magical has been brewing in Philadelphia over the last few years.” Those are the kids over at American Diamond Recordings, the new record label and collective made up of many of Philly’s musical movers and shakers, including Marley McNamara, Reed Kendall (Up the Chain), Dan Bruskewicz (TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb), and more.

To help the group’s blazing entrance onto the scene, American Diamond Recordings is teaming up with Philly Love Notes and the #whyilovephilly party at the brand-new Spruce Street Harbor Park on June 26th to release the debut solo album from Toy Soldiers front man Ron Gallo, titled Ronny.

Although the party is already sold out, those lucky partygoers who managed to secure their tickets can expect performances from Up the Chain and the Lawsuits, as well as a custom #whyilovephilly ice cream flavor, sneak preview of the new riverfront space and hammocks, floating barges, a light show, and more. The rest of us will be able to purchase copies online once the album is released, though no light shows or hammocks are guaranteed.

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