Ashley Leone dishes on performing, in concert proposals, and moving to Nashville

Now I’m sure y’all are wondering what is going on these with the sweet powerhouse, Ashley Leone. Well, here is some inside information about the upcoming songstress and her evolving life. Rock On Philly had a chance to experience Leone’s concert at the Tin Angel in Old City back in May. From the time Leone took the stage, magic happened. In case, you haven’t been to one of her concerts, she is one of Philly’s greatest emerging talents. Leone is only 18 years old, but her voice and stage presence are far beyond her years. She takes a little bit of pop, soft rock, and soul, blends it together for a truly unique sound.

Rock On Philly had the chance to chat with this superstar on the rise on a wide variety of topics, including her most recent performance at the Tin Angel, in concert proposals, and moving to Nashville.

ROP: Ashley, thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us! How did you feel about performing at the Tin Angel recently?
I always feel at home there so I felt pretty good about it. I haven’t played with my band in a while before that show so it felt amazing being on stage with those guys. They have turned into brothers for me so it’s always a fun time with them and their amazing talents. It was also the first time playing with Ju-Taun live which was a blast!

ROP: Is there something that you wish you could change about the performance or improve?
I have some shows that I grow a lot in, and it advances me to a new level of performing but this was not one of them. If I could change anything it would be that, but otherwise I think with every show I play I have to put out what I can on the stage, reflect, and move forward with the mindset of making the next show better then the next each time. I wish I was a little looser, and animated on stage that show, but that will maybe come with the next show!!

ROP: Is there any ritual or routine that you do before performances?
I usually jump a little, and have a freak out session while the band watches/warms up their hands. I don’t really have a ritual, and neither do the boys. If I’m really nervous though they always know what to say to calm me down, and remind me why we play music in the first place. We try to take a collective breath before we go on stage together, but with the staggered way we all came on stage it didn’t happen this time.

ROP: Is it difficult being a classy young woman emerging into an industry where it seems like controversy sells?
There is always the pressure of having to stand out to be noticed in this industry, but I stay true to who I am during the process so it isn’t a major struggle for me. I don’t have any desire to be dancing around on stage in a bikini, so that is not the way I do it. I am just trying to stay true to who I am, and help the world see it through my songwriting, and honing in on my fashion/look which I’m coming to realize is a major boho chic feel.

ROP: What is the reason for you moving to Nashville?
I am moving to Nashville because I will be attending Belmont University this August. I chose Belmont predominately for Nashville itself. I want to become a better writer, performer, and overall musician so I figured why not go somewhere where it’s music 24/7?

ROP: How are you preparing for the move?
I’m trying to write a lot more so I’m not too far behind once I get there and am meeting with people in Nashville to help make my transition as a musician as smooth as it can be. I am also toying with the idea of recording an EP so I can have some new/ up to date product by the time I get there.

ROP: What are you looking to accomplish with your music in the next year or so?
I am hoping to have a lot more product than I already do, be a better performer and songwriter, and be an improved singer/musician. Ideally I’d like to make a buzz in Nashville in a year.

ROP: How did you feel about the proposal that took place at your concert? Were you surprised?
That was one of the best things that has ever happened at a show. I was honored to have helped with it, and I didn’t even know about it!! I’m a sucker for adorable romantic things, but also hate grossly sappy things. That man hit it right on the head. It was perfect. My heart melted straight to the ground. I’m so happy for them!

ROP: What is your advice to other young women who want to venture into music?
Don’t be scared to do it. So many people have told me it’s “too hard” and the odds are against you in every way, but it’s just like any other job except it’s amazingly enjoyable. If you have big dreams in any industry it’s going to be hard to get to the top and be where you want to, but you just have to fight for it and never give up. Don’t be scared to shoot for what you want, and don’t be scared to fail. With many failures will come the success you’ve been waiting for; that’s the way I look at it at least. Venturing into music has changed my life in the best ways. If you want it just go for it, and don’t let people get in your way especially yourself.

ROP: What can fans expect from you in the coming months?
They can expect an EP of professionally recorded songs, a new website, more Youtube videos and a glimpse into this new journey I’m about to embark on in just a couple months through social media and shows!!

For all the latest on Ashley Leone, visit: and follow her on Twitter. She is performing a farewell show to Philly on July 31st at Ardmore Music Hall. Tickets are available here.

Photo Credit: Derek Brad Photography

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  1. Jennifer Logue

    June 30, 2014 at 10:56 am

    I’m about to interview her today for Rock On Philly TV! This was a great read. And can’t believe about the proposal at her Tin Angel gig. Crazy!!! Very cool

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