Best of the B Sides: “Foxbeard”

I’m shamelessly using this week’s Best of the B Sides to introduce a fantastic band. I’m sad that May Music Discovery is over, what can I say. I heard about Run River North back when they were Monsters Calling Home and released a breathtaking cover of The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside“. Little did I know they dropped a full-length album this year under the name Run River North.

Run River North are a Korean American six-piece based out of Los Angeles with a similar sound to Of Monsters and Men, but there’s something magical in their debut album Run River North (2014). Their music holds strongly to themes of alienation and a nostalgic homesickness, weaving a haunting and beautiful sound that makes Run River North a true winner. You can read all about their humble beginnings here!

Though their upbeat single “Fight to Keep” is a fabulous song, a lot of Run River North’s subtle power and beauty play out in “Foxbeard”. With six members, Run River North have a wonderful sense of harmony alongside their impressive breadth of instrumental knowledge — most members play more than one instrument and often switch between them during one song. “Foxbeard” winds its way through two understated verses, broken up with violin instrumentals and a slowly building drumbeat. The final verse brings a strong finish, combining electric guitar riffs and further violin accompaniment effortlessly. The harmonies come to the fore for a beautiful a cappella finish.

What’s so astounding about Run River North is not just their musical talent, but their story. If ever there were a band with something to say, it’s these guys. So there’s musical and lyrical power in equal measure throughout Run River North.

Photo courtesy of the band’s website.


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