EP Review: Doprah – Doprah

New Zealander band Doprah released their self-titled EP on June 9th. Doprah is composed of Steven Marr on the soundboard and Indira Force on vocals. They have opened up for the amazing Lorde, have taken part in St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Aucklandthis year and are gaining momentum in the alternative world.

The five-track EP is an experiment of sounds that are woven with each other originally to create their music. The EP opens with “Stranger People,” which immediately made me think of Chvrches in space. They have a similar setup as Chvrches as well, with Force doing most of the singing and Marr playing most of the sounds that become music. Force’s voice is utilized very artistically in this song, which seems to be more on the instrumental side. The simplicity of the vocals complements the complex layers of sound, which she blends in and out of.

San Pedro” starts simply with use of consistent clicks and bells on top of a understated drum beat, but grows more chaotic as the vocals enter and more flares of sound arise like sudden bursts of flame. “Whatever You Want” was the most simple out of the whole EP, with just a repetitive drum beat and Force’s voice in the intro. There are some additional sounds such as guitar, but the highlight is the harmony of voices when Marr joins in.

Love That I Need” brought to mind the opening of a James Bond movie, with a sultry female vocal crooning over a seductive track, with very modern touches. Force’s unique voice is showcased the most in this track in which she can put you in a trance. This seemed like a curve ball in the EP but it never hurts to throw in a little bit of sexy. Doprah is truly unique in the sounds they produce and if you want to stay on top of the alternative scene, they are definitely worth checking out.

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