Rock On Philly Talks to Eric Rachmany Before Rebelution’s June 14th Show at Festival Pier

Rebeultion is a four-piece reggae band formed in Santa Barbara, California in 2004. Their chart-topping albums Bright Side of Life and Peace of Mind emit a blissful feel that can make even the saddest days a little a better. Recently releasing their 4th studio album Count Me In, Rebelution has hit the road once again to continue their commit to live music. On June 14th, you can find out what this band is all about as they headline Festival Pier on their annual trip to Philadelphia. While on the road, lead singer Eric Rachmany took the time to talk to Rock On Philly about the tour, their new CD and Rebelution in general.

ROP: Hey Eric thanks for taking the time to talk to Rock On Philly. How’s it going?

Eric: Good man. We’re just heading through a tunnel on our way to New York for tonight’s show.


ROP: How has your tour been going so far? Any favorite stops?

Eric: Really well. We only just started in Hawaii last week with our CD release show, and then we have some of our favorite East Coast stops coming up this week.


ROP: Are you excited to return to Philadelphia?

Eric: Oh definitely. We try to come back to Philly every year. It’s a great place for Rebelution and the fans always give us a warm welcome.


ROP: Tell us about your song writing process. Did you do anything out of the ordinary with this new album?

Eric: We didn’t change too much up, just tried to keep the same techniques as before. Pretty much I come up with the idea, you know the lyrics and sort of the general song. After I feel like I have something that works, I bring it to the guys and they really take charge and just go with it. They’ll change up the structure if they need to. More than anything they’re the ones who arrange it.


ROP: Was there an overarching theme that you were trying to portray?

Eric: No not really. I do appreciate an album that tells a story from beginning to end, but this album is much too diverse. You can definitely find some themes that run throughout the songs, but each track works on an individual level.


ROP: When first starting out, you got your first break quickly with your “Courage to Grow” EP gaining airtime on Hawaiian radio. How does it feel to have the level of success you have only being a band for 10 years?

Eric: It’s crazy how fast time flies by and to think that we’ve already been a band for ten years. But really we’ve just been doing what we enjoy. We love being on stage, we love performing, we love recording and just being around music and playing for our listeners. The first show we played was in front of about 200 people and from then on we wanted to focus on the live scene, and we’ve learned a lot from that. When we first started, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but we’ve learned how to be better performers, better musicians and we’re still learning every year, every day. You gain a ton of experience just being on the road and touring. It’s really how we live.


ROP: You’ve built your fan base largely through word of mouth. Do you feel that spreading messages of love and peace, essentially the purpose of reggae music, have helped created a community around your band?

Eric: Yeah, for sure. It’s really up to us what we want to talk about. Our goals are to spread positivity, bring the good vibes, and we strive to bring that out in people. There have been occasions when someone has approached me and told me that a song has gotten them through a tough time. That feels good you know. They’re thankful for what we’re doing just like we’re thankful for them. I feel that overall people want to root for positive music. People are sick of hearing negative music where it’s the same thing over and over again. Once they hear our music they want to get involved, show their friends, help them out, and pick them up from a hard time. We want people to get what we got out of reggae and that’s a big reason why we play this kind of music.

ROP: Well thanks for talking to Rock On Philly and I wish you luck on tour. I can’t wait to see you guys at Festival Pier. It’s going to be a blast.

Eric: No problem and thanks a lot. Have a good one.

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