Show Review: Daniel White at the Tin Angel

One never knows what to expect from an opening act. Sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss. In the case of Daniel White opening up for David Poe last Wednesday at the Tin Angel, it was  a definite hit. White’s powerful vocals , skillful guitar playing, and undeniable charisma left the audience captivated and hungry for more.

Opening up with the gorgeously moving, “Angeline,” White simply soared as he sang, “Keep on flying, Angeline.” His sound had the rootsy, organic feel of Gordon Lightfoot and yet I heard some similarity in tone to Chris Baron, lead singer of popular 90s band, The Spin Doctors.

Another tune that stood out to me was “The Water Song.” Written as a waltz, it made you feel as if you were on a Merry Go Round. Daniel had a unique finger picking style in this one as well which blended nicely with the words, “She’s crying for me/my  love/my life.”

Perhaps my favorite song of the night was “Glory Days.” If any song off his forthcoming Moonlight Madrigals album has single potential, this one is it. At first I thought it was a cover and then was pleasantly surprised to hear it was an original.

The last song of the night, “Pale Blue Heaven,”  was an enjoyable wild card, with its heavy country- influence. Daniel was joined onstage by the lovely vocalist, Cecilia Ferneborg

White’s varied musical upbringing no doubt accounts for his eclectic musical stylings. He started out playing piano which led to him eventually taking up the trumpet and acoustic guitar. As a teen, he was already performing 19th century brass music and jazz. White still performs a a professional trumpet player today in addition to his work as a singer/songwriter. The trumpet influence could be seen in his incredible breath control and flawless falsetto. The jazz influence is evident in his songwriting, using chords that were off the beaten path and beautiful.

If you would like to see Daniel White perform live, he is performing the Black Potatoe Music Festival on July 13th in Clinton, NJ. For more information on this artist and to purchase his music, visit:

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