The Knocks with ASTR and Les Professionnels at Underground Arts

This tiny show felt historic. The combination of these three bands on Thursday night (New York’s The Knocks, ASTR and Philly’s own Les Professionnels) felt as though something was going down in EDM history. By the historic combination, I mean the cohesion of this trio of bands all with similar music style – especially ASTR and the Knocks, but an element of each enhancing the other, making the show more meaningful and, quite frankly, something to kickstart something huge. ASTR had the hypnotic, sexual power.  The Knocks had the concentration of a huge sound and dance-able beats.

ASTR performing at Underground Arts, June 12, 2014

ASTR performing at Underground Arts, June 12, 2014

ASTR’s chemistry was leech-like, volleying their control to each other, and feeding into the energy of their enthusiastic and adoring fans, who clamored to be within inches of their hypnotic sound.  ASTR‘s sound was clear and controlled, channeled through heavy bass, trip-hop elements and cohesive pieces of slick pop. Lead singer Zoe Silverman captivated through her belly-dancing aerobics and hauntingly seductive voice, while sound master Adam Pallin shook the room with his earth-shattering beats.  Overall, it was a great performance.

The Knocks’ welcoming bass, on the other hand, literally shook my nostrils…along with the entire venue.  The duo‘s performance was confident, edgy, and relied less on overt theatrics and more on the huge sound that knocks you around the room.  As headliner,  came on with the rear of matching  The Knocks jackets facing the audience, and slowly moved to their instruments to face each other, pounding in tandem on their matching “drum sets.”

Though his microphone was low, J-Patt still commanded control of the audience with his quirky, wide-brimmed hat, unwavering sunglassed gaze, and the cool swagger with which he held his low-slung electric guitar.  B-roc, the much-less vocal but no less powerful, reigned and plucked decidedly at his instruments, where the most of The Knocks’ power came.  They went through their newest EP and aside from microphone issues, the performance elicited exactly what their music is about: dancing. Below is a sampling playlist of these upcoming artists. Take a listen and get to know your new favorite artists!

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