Album Review: Trash Talk – No Peace

California hardcore punk band Trash Talk released their fifth album, No Peace, back in May and went on an entire free tour of North America that brought them to Creep Records a few weeks back. No Peace keeps with their steadfast style of playing music that makes kids swing from rafters and run around hitting each other in the experience of something real. Low-tuned, fast, riffs and violent drums matched by throat-destorying screams from frontman Lee Spielman produce a sound that has been brutally revitalizing the punk scene for almost a decade.

After a short, flowing intro, Trask Talk blasts off with “Jigsaw,” and really doesn’t let up for the album’s entirety. Spielman takes some more time to look at himself on this record rather than the decaying civilization that surrounds him. On “The Hole” he yells I will look the other way for anyone but me / and thats the only way its every gonna be! as the drums keep a slow, but heavy beat going and the guitar kicks in at the most opportune times. More killer riffs come on “Cloudkicker,” as Spielman shouts Trying to leave an imprint on what this has meant / to all the people hurrying up / they didn’t notice a thing / its been that way for far too long / thought I’d leave a legacy after me / jump into a different drug / now that voice might bury me away / its been that way for far too long and bassist Spencer Pollard joins in yelling I just want in the sky! for the most melodic hook on the album. The first single off the record, it is definitely a standout.

“Nine Lives” speeds up and slows down with distorted guitar, while “Monochrome /F.F.S.” might be the most jam-packed song on the album, musically and lyrically. Keeping an ungodly fast speed going for almost two minutes, Spielman screams a chorus of Tired of screaming at the walls / tired of swinging at the walls / fighting sleep / seven nights of the week / somethings gotta give!” and ends the song quickly breaking down some facts, “in a perfect world I wouldn’t have to write these words / and happy ever after would be a thing / but this is real / not everything will glisten / everyone you know will die / every word can be rewritten! This track hits hard on every aspect, definitely a must-listen off No Peace.

“Locked In Skin” opens up softly until Spielman’s heavy voice comes in to reveal some of the most empty feelings on the album, repeating All these songs about sleep / and I can’t catch a wink / for the life of me, just put me back down / I’ve come too far to not feel nothing / I’ve come too far to not feel something” several times, the emphasis drives the idea home. “S.O.S.” is another attack on the mundanity of daily life, while the guitar riff in “Prometheus” sporadically trudges through the song with fury. “Just A Taste” rightfully ends the album in the steady punk mindset that brought us in.

One of the true remaining straight hardcore punk bands around, Trash Talk continues to create album that do not mess around in the slightest. The songs are short and work together to create a cohesive and destructive 30-minutes. No Peace brings even more in-depth lyrics and instrumental variety than older albums, proving Trash Talk is going to be giving kids an environment to lose their minds to for years to come. Pick up No Peace here and check out our recap of their show at Union Transfer with The Dillinger Escape Plan a few months back here.

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