ARTIST INTERVIEW: John Fernandes and Will Hart of Circulatory System

As a preview for their show on July 21st with Neutral Milk Hotel, Rock On Philly asked a few questions to John Fernandes and Will Hart of Circulatory System in regards to their new album and their music.
Rock On Philly: How was the experience of producing your double album Mosaics Within Mosaics? There’s so much material in the end product. How long did this take to finish?
Circulatory System: It was culled together from Will Cullen Hart’s home recordings from the last 12 years. Circulatory System member, Derek Almstead (of Faster Circuits), assembled the album using a multi-dimensional approach – mixing together recordings highlighting some of the best stuff that Will gave to him in an art-decorated manila envelope bulging with CD-Rs. It features overdubs by AJ Griffin (of French Exit), John Fernandes (of Dream Boat, Lavender Holyfield, Jacob Morris, The New Sound of Numbers, and Old Smokey), Heather McIntosh (of The Instruments), Pete Erchick (of Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t), and Jeff Mangum and Jeremy Barnes (of Neutral Milk Hotel).
ROP: What do you draw as inspiration for your diverse arrangement of music?
CS: The universe all around. Will writes music from his heart. Personal, yet universal.
ROP: You guys are performing with Neutral Milk Hotel. Were Jeff Mangum or Jeremy Barnes involved in the production or writing of the new album?
CS: They played drums on one of the songs.
ROP: What is your favorite album by any artist?
CS: Can’t pick one, here some of them: Velvet Underground & Nico, Mothers of Invention Freak Out!, Royal Trux Cats and Dogs, Fennesz, most Beatles, Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
ROP: Do you hope to work with another artist in the future?
ROP: Where’s your favorite place to grab pre/post performance grub in Philadelphia?
CS: Not sure, do you have a recommendation for a place that has vegetarian options?
ROP: I recommend Mama’s [Vegetarian] in Center City. The falafels are kickin’. Thanks so much for the opportunity to get to know you a little better. We look forward to your show at The Mann on the 21st!
The Mann Center is accessible via SEPTA buses on a The Mann Center’s Center City Loop Bus.

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