Kurt Vile Mural Resurrected

In June, the mural of Kurt Vile in Fishtown that is so iconic in the Philadelphia music and art scene was vandalized by an ignorant civilian, who thought the mural would invite graffiti artists into the neighborhood.  In one swipe of his big paint brush, he had ruined the artwork used by Kurt Vile for his album cover of Wakin On A Pretty Daze.  The irony of his self-entitlement in defacing what he proclaimed to be defacing his neighborhood astounded Philadelphia and obviously caused some much deserved anger from artists and civilians alike.


Thankfully, at the beginning of July, the defaced mural was repainted by Stephen “ESPO” Powers who originally created the mural, making it look almost exactly like the original mural. The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program takes pride in the many murals that decorate Philadelphia and this restoration was very necessary. Go check out the newly restored mural at the Fishtown stop on the Market Frankford Line and take in the beauty. Hopefully, this is the last time something like this happens, and if you catch someone in the act of ruining art, blasting their photo on social media won’t hurt.

Photo Credit: Wakana Narisako




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  1. Kyle

    July 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    It’s a shame that someone could be so thoughtless and be so afraid of graffiti ruining this that he ends up…well, ruining it. So glad that this is being restored. There needs to be some sort of photography project done with this, too

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