Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown by Umphrey’s McGee

Making their debut appearance at the Tower Theater presented by Live Nation, 16-year veterans Umphrey’s McGee will return to Philadelphia August 9th. This genre-less band combines elements of rock, electronica, jazz, blues and heavy-metal to create what is strangely one of the most musically cohesive performances on the tour scene. Currently touring their latest release since 2011 Similar Skin, Umphrey’s is bringing it as hard as ever this year. Classified as both a jam-band and a progressive-rock band, the group explores their studio work live by switching cleaning between time signatures and keys in a complex ballad of sounds. Using a series of hand signals they have invented over the years to signal transitions, Umphrey’s live work is one of the most organized in the jam world. On August 9th you can expect intensely timed guitar parts provided by lead vocalist Brendan Bayliss and lead guitarist Jake Cinninger. The connection between these two guitarist bleeds through in their live performances as the two feed off each other, passing solos back and forth like a baseball. But a lead part is only as good as the foundation and man is the foundation good. The incredibly skilled Kris Myers is sure to lay down some fast, technical drum beats as bassist Ryan Stasik slabs away at his signature, completely natural finished five-string bass. Bringing an electronic element into the mix, talented pianist Joel Cummins adds both ambient tones and peaceful melodies that relax the listener amongst the raging awesomeness that is an Umphrey’s McGee concert.

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