Show Review: Reputante and M O T H E R at Ortlieb’s

On Friday night, the clientele at Ortlieb’s was mostly girls who came to see actor turned musician Penn Badgley, aka Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl, perform in his band M O T H E R from Brooklyn. The fan girls who showed up were in for a treat, as Reputante opened up the night with some deep rock sound.

Lead singer James Levy‘s low voice carried well in the small bar venue. Guitarist Emiliano Ortiz, drummer Raviv Ullman, and bassist Jimmy Giannopoulos showed that even small venues need their love and played their hearts out. The musicians were very connected with their instruments and demonstrated so much care into their playing. “Deep Set Eyes” was performed with a lot of intensity as the song built up momentum to the instrumental riff. Reputante is one to keep your eyes on.


M O T H E R shared some musicians with Reputante. Drummer Ullman and bassist Giannopoulos stayed on stage for the second set as the music got hot and heavy with Brooklyn sound. As lead singer Penn Badgley took the stage, all the girls sitting at the bar or hanging out towards the back came swiftly forward. The sound balance was a little disappointing during the M O T H E R set. The vocals were difficult to hear in comparison to the heavy bass and drums. During the moments the vocals were able to be heard, it was absolutely captivating. Hopefully, the next time they hit town they will have a better setup so Badgley fans will be able to take in his sultry voice.

Band members from both of the bands were very friendly and socialized with the fans before and after the show. Ortlieb’s is a great venue if you like seeing and hanging out with newer bands. The bar staff is also extremely neighborly and will take care of you all night.

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  1. David

    July 21, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Great stuff! Hate that I missed it!

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