Vans Warped Tour Returns to Camden with Enter Shikari, Every Time I Die, Yellowcard, and more

2014’s Vans Warped Tour stopped in Camden, NJ at the Susquehanna Bank Center this past Friday 7/11, bringing a huge assortment of well-known and up-and-coming hardcore and punk bands into an all-day party atmosphere. Highlights from the day were sets from Four Year Strong, The Story So Far, Terror, Bayside, Plague Vendor, Stray From The Path, Lionize, Yellowcard, Every Time I Die, and Enter Shikari. Check out a recap and photos below!

Four Year Strong at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Four Year Strong at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Warped tour veterans Four Year Strong got the crowd going bright and early, with heavy favorites like “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” and “It Must Really Suck to be Four Year Strong Right Now” that were hit with a real rawness on the vocal side. Their upbeat take on hardcore was a great way to start the day.

California punk rockers The Story So Far took the stage to an ecstatic reaction of crowd-surfers as the sun started to blare down on the blacktop parking lot. Their energetic, pop-punk sound was infectious through their catchy choruses and lively guitar riffs, especially on songs like set-opener “Quicksand” and set-closer “High Regard.”

Terror at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Terror at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Hardcore band Terror is known for their crazy live shows (like this one in Philadelphia), and they did not disappoint despite bearing a somewhat smaller crowd on this occasion. Vocalist Scott Vogel stomped across the stage, swinging his fists and kicking the air while screaming over the brutal, fast riffs. Jumping down to scream with fans multiple times, there was an intimate reaction from the cult audience.

Punk band Bayside played inside the arena, to a fan-base that seemed to know every word, especially of set-opener “Sick, Sick, Sick.” They nailed every intricate guitar riff and played crowd-pleasers “Devotion and Desire” and “Blame it On Bad Luck,” all while smiling, head banging, and shouting along with the packed pit.

Plague Vendor at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Plague Vendor at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Plague Vendor put on a maniacal show; their loud, raw, punk sound blasted through Orange amps and speakers as frontman/vocalist Brandon Blaine shouted and danced across the stage. He also took to jumping off the drum kit (pictured below, essentially recreating their album cover) and standing atop the barricade to overlook the scattered audience that had gathered after hearing their unique style. Check out their album Free To Eat here.

Stray From The Path brought the ruckus to a small gathering at the Monster Stage, opening up with the piercing “Badge and a Bullet” off their recent release Anonymous. Playing other hardcore thrillers like “Damien,” “Mad Girl,” and “Death Beds,” Stray From The Path totally surpassed the energy they bring on the record. The set was energetic through Drew York’s quick, harsh vocal deliveries and the heavy guitar breakdowns.

Yellowcard at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Yellowcard at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Lionize played inside the arena to a chill crowd that dug their comprehensive rock n’ roll vibe. On the more mellow side of the day, Lionized provided a much needed wind down that was filled with intelligent guitar work, an overall eclectic sound attributable to the keys, and smooth vocals.

Pop-punk favorites Yellowcard played to one of the biggest audiences of the day, and brought songs from their entire catalogue including “Lights and Sounds,” “Way Away,” and “Ocean Avenue.” The crowd went crazy for this seasoned pop-punk band, who has announced their ninth studio album to come out later this year.

Every Time I Die continues to be one of the most explosive and fun live acts in the hardcore scene. On this accession, they ran around the stage,  continuously head-banged, jumped in the air, and kicked the floor, all while playing technically-proficient and totally abrasive music. They attacked the crowd’s ears from the beginning, opening with “Floater,” “Bored Stiff,” and “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space,” the band hardly let up for their thirty minute set and the crowd jumped and sang along the whole way.

Every Time I Die at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Every Time I Die at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Playing a few tracks off their newest release, From Parts Unknown“If There Is Room To Move, Things Move” was played with notably absurd precision. Vocalist Keith Buckley screamed lines like “Everything’s dead until it’s alive! / man will exist and then he will die! / just take the ride!” and “I want to be dead with my friends!” throughout the entire set. For their closing song, “No Son of Mine,” guitarist Andy Williams came down to be the center of the inevitable circle pit, and guitarist Jordan Buckley soon followed to join in running around that pit. They put on an amazing show.

Enter Shikari at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Enter Shikari at Warped Tour | Photo by Jay Breslin

Enter Shikari has come a long way since opening up Warped Tour with an 11:15 set only a few years back. This past friday in Camden, they had a packed crowd for their 6:40 set on one of this year’s biggest stages. Their sound has evolved to be more electronic and remixed, and they got the party going by spontaneously thrashing around the stage. Vocalist Rou Reynolds jumped off a tall set of speakers, as well as going down into the mess of fans countless times. The best moment came when Reynolds and the entire crowd shouted “and still we will be here! / standing like statues!” during “Enter Shikari,” off their debut Take To The Skies. Newer songs like “Destablise,” “Gandhi Mate, Gandhi,” and the unreleased “Anaesthetist” pulled up during the end of the set.

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  1. Darlene Steelman

    July 17, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Awesome article! And great photography, too. I always wanted to go to a ‘Warped Tour,’ but fear I am a little old (but I will go to a Slayer concert!).

    My daughter has gone every year for about the last five.

    I did see Every Time I Die live once… they were great!


  2. Wakana Narisako

    July 17, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    The photos are so awesome!

  3. Devon O' Connor

    July 31, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    Warped was so good this year! Awesome photos : ) On the pop-punk / folk side, The Summer Set and Nick Santino killed it, and Mayday Parade was incredible as the last band of the day!

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