A Chat With Philadelphian Lauren Hart

Ever wonder who the woman behind the voice of so many sports anthems in Philadelphia is? It’s Lauren Hart, daughter of long-time announcer of Flyers games, Gene Hart. Rock On Philly had a chance to ask Miss Hart some questions to find out what it’s like to be the official voice of the national anthem in Philly.
ROP: Hello, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for Rock On Philly! Your voice is recognized by so many sports fans in the Philadelphia area. What influence/s would you say guided you into the musician you are today?
LH: I have been influenced by a lot of different artists and styles, but I think what has guided me most was what I learned from my Dad. His work ethic, the way he connected with his fans, what was important to him, and how he made his career long lasting. His influence made a difference, do you want to be a musician or do you want to be a star? While it’s nice to have both, if your goal is to be a great musician it will sustain you, it’s lasting and it doesn’t let you down because it is your choice. So many things in our business are random so the constant is how you work, learn and improve on your own terms.
ROP: How was the experience of producing your EP Awakening?
LH: Absolute joy. My last two records were produced by my friend Tony Reyes who has done songs for everyone from Gwen Stefani to Beyoncé. Gifted guy, amazing friend. There is nothing better than creating music with someone you admire and love. You are lucky if you have even one person in your life that you click with on every level, for me that’s Tony. And even better, he is a Philly guy through and through, seriously rooted in the history of our city’s music.

ROP: Did any style/genre/artist impact the music you create?
LH: Honestly growing up  the voice that I loved the most was Whitney Houston, but my music was shaped by rock and soul. I opened for Heart early on at an outdoor festival and I though those two women were crazy talent.  Ann and Nancy, the voice and the playing. I wanted that. I wanted to be like that.
ROP: Do you have a favorite venue to perform for?
LH: Here in Philly it’s the World Cafe. I always have a good show there and the audience is there to hear music, which would seem like an obvious thing  but in truth you don’t always get.
ROP: What is your favorite album by any artist?
ROP: Do you hope to work with another artist in the future?
LH: I just want to sing with Bruce Springsteen. The Jersey boy and the Jersey girl.
ROP: You released your EP Awakening last year. How long does it usually take for you produce an album?
LH: It can take me 6 months to a year to finish an album, beginning to end ……writing, performing and producing. That’s not really how music is now though so I am trying to up my pace and not labor over any one thing for too long. Most of the time, you just need a new single to keep yourself in the loop, so right about now I should be on to the next thing, so I better get moving!
ROP: Thanks again for your time and we hope you continue to cheer on the Flyers!
Photo by Joey Ritter

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  1. Devon O'Connor

    August 14, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Awesome interview! I love her view on music, and I mean, the Flyers? That’s so fun!

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