Bad Suns’ Album Language and Perspective Impresses

Bad Suns released their debut album Language & Perspective this summer through Vagrant Records. The band as a whole is relatively new to the scene and they immediately hit it gold this summer with “Cardiac Arrest”. The album has more to offer and it makes for an exciting listening journey.

First, you kick off your shoes and chill out to “Matthew James“. It’s simple and fun, and you can totally dance to it. Immersing the mind into the nice vocal harmony added to the melody of  frontman Christo Bowman by bassist Gavin Bennett and guitarist Ray Libby is just so darn awesome. “We Move Like The Ocean” showcases the great falsetto range of Bowman, and it’s oh-so-summery with the ocean imagery. The contrast of the loud and quiet weave in and out like ripples of water. There’s a slight echo at the end of quieter vocal parts that give it an airy, breezy sound.

Cardiac Arrest” is on every station this summer. The way that the guitar in the background subtly mimics the vocal melody almost in retrograde is really cool. “Pretend” picks up the energy. Tonight will never end/Can we pretend, pretend, pretend basically sums up every amazing summer night out. It’s perfect for those rowdy summer wedding receptions too.

The most interesting track, “Take My Love and Run“, starts out with a fun instrumental melody that goes into folky beats by drummer Miles Morris. The structure is very simple, yet there’s some intrigue by the use of a minor key and subtle sustain of ethereal hum underneath all of the rhythmic drum patterns. The story behind the sadness is sung lower and the vocal moves higher to the melody like they’re trying to be liberated from the heartbreak.

Sleep Paralysis” is eerie with the repetitive, whisper-like vocal and the high pitched keys. This is the most rock and roll, and it has a really good background melody. The album ends on upbeat “Rearview“, a song about leaving home and being risky. This album is a great debut album with or without “Cardiac Arrest”. If you like bands like The Colourist and New Politics, take a listen. They are touring with New Politics this fall so make sure to follow them on social media!

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  1. Katie Antonsson

    August 17, 2014 at 9:26 am

    I really dig them. They came up on my Google Music radio at the start of the summer and I haven’t been able to stop listening. “Salt” is an AWESOME song of theirs.

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