Crowns May Become Your Next Favorite Indie Band

If you are looking for that next band your friends haven’t heard of, Crowns may serve that purpose. This up-and-coming band from Greenville, IL, (not to be confused with the Cornish band Crowns) does not have a huge following (yet), but recently played the Audiofeed Music Festival in early July. Despite their relative anonymity, Crowns has released their second collection of songs titled We’ve Been Standing Still, which was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

On their YouTube account, Crowns describe themselves as “post indie-rock,” but the eight tracks on We’ve Been Standing Still sound very reminiscent of this millennium’s indie-rock sound, and Crowns does not add anything to the genre that has not been done before. The instrumentals provide a nice, melodic background to singer/guitarist Billy Niebuhr’s voice, which sounds slightly whiny and similar to many male indie singers that you can’t quite identify by name. It’s chill music, the kind that you play in your bedroom for a relaxed atmosphere.

That being said, Sam Allen (keys), Joe Kam (drums), Ryan Stakes (bass), and Nathan Hopwood (electric guitar) develop a solid groove that sounds a tad beachy, especially in “Ocean’s Floor” and “Compass & Map”. Niebuhr has an impressive high vocal range that shows in standouts “Dark Soil” and “We’ve Been Standing Still”. “Finding Rest” may be the best track on the record; it includes Niebuhr’s high vocals and the band’s calming instrumentals for a pretty, romantic sound.

Time can only tell if Crowns will evolve their sound, but for only five dollars, We’ve Been Standing Still is definitely worth a listen or two. Check out their Facebook page for more updates.

Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook page.

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