Must See Videos from MTV VMA Nominees

It’s August, which can only mean one thing: the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) are upon us. Despite rarely showing music videos on its standard cable station anymore, MTV has created a monumental awards show that keeps surprising the audience each year (people are still talking about Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” twerking extravaganza).

This Sunday, August 24th, the 31st annual VMAs will premiere at the Forum in Inglewood, California, at 9 pm. Here we have created a playlist of nominated artists that have been overshadowed by Beyoncé, Iggy Azalea, and Eminem, but deserve a second listen (and look) for their impressive music videos.

1. Disclosure: “Grab Her,” nominated for MTV Clubland Award

This underrated video has been overshadowed by the band’s track “Latch” featuring Sam Smith, but it has a cool middle-age workspace theme. Extra points for the muted cinematography that perfectly complements its concept.

2. The Black Keys: “Fever,” nominated for Best Rock Video

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney sure know how to have fun in their videos. Auerbach plays a televangelist from what appears to be from another era. This video definitely takes “Fever,” a typical Black Keys tune, to the next level.

3. Angel Haze feat. Sia: “Battle Cry,” nominated for Best Video With a Social Message

Angel Haze has been making waves in the male-dominated hip-hop landscape, and in “Battle Cry” she delivers inspiring, personal, and strong lyrics that are bolstered by Sia’s powerhouse voice. The video captures the intense situations young women may face today and Angel Haze is not afraid to hold back. *Warning: The video contains traumatic content that may disturb some viewers.

4. Childish Gambino: “3005,” nominated for Best Hip-Hop Video

How adorable is the stuffed bear in this video? It may be a little simple compared to its fellow nominees (Drake’s “Hold On” and Kanye’s “Skinhead”), but you can never go wrong with a carnival-themed video. Plus, the video ends with an air of mystery.

5. Arcade Fire: “Afterlife,” nominated for Best Cinematography

Cinematography is such an integral part of a video. Arcade Fire creates beautiful mini-movies from their songs, and “Afterlife” is no exception. The cinematography switches from muted colors to sun-bleached tones to black and white seamlessly with each shot. The entire video is flawless; why it is not nominated for Best Direction and Best Rock Video puzzles me to no end.

6. MGMT: “Your Life is a Lie,” nominated for Best Editing

This video is so random but so fun at the same time, and surprisingly it’s only nominated in the editing category. Despite its lyric content, watch the video for a quick laugh.

7. Jack White: “Lazaretto,” nominated for Best Visual Effects

Jack White’s Lazaretto is one of the most solid rock albums of 2014, but MTV snubbed the title track from its Best Rock Video category where it truly belongs. Nonetheless, “Lazaretto” has a chance to win in the visual effects category where it deserves props for its manipulation of images.

8. Tyler, The Creator: “Tamale,” nominated for Best Art Direction

This video features a slew of outrageous images, most of them in an early 90’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tint, and a cameo from Pharrell Williams – what more could you want? Explicit, shocking, and brutally honest, this song and video highlight the complex personality of Tyler, The Creator.

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  1. Wakana

    August 22, 2014 at 10:23 am

    I heard the show is starting with Bang Bang. Cannot wait.

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