Brooklyn Punk Band, Living Room, Releases First Full-Length

Brooklyn four-piece pop-punk band Living Room recently released their debut, full-length album, Moonchaser, and announced tour dates…including an upcoming show in Philly on August 31! Their all-encompassing style of punk include vocals from the clean and nasally to the downright throat-destroying, and great guitar riffs from the catchy, spastic, and quick to the heavy and slow.

“American Levitation” opens up the album softly and sets the personal tone for the record, but “Casual Science” is where things really get started. The song opens up with guitar riffs and a mood that both feel fun and hopeful, accompanied by intense vocal deliveries. The guitar goes all over the place (in a good way), while the bass and drums keep solid, punchy beats going.  Living Room blends deep, grungy riffs and riffs that ride the line to the edge of math rock together in a way that makes the whole record worth a listen, especially songs like “Above Time,” and “Feet Of Snow.” “Moonchaser” might be the best song on the album, coming in with a loud cymbal crash, an explosion of high and low guitars, and more all-out vocals, it eventually brings in piercing guitar and an excited instrumental ending.

“The Physics of Intention” is one of the best displays of vocal range on the album, they go from clean singing to passionate shouts at whim, while also showcasing some of their heaviest and most intricate riffs. “Out of Love” has some of the most brutal vocal takes and is the most hard-hitting song on the album with lines like: “I could kill myself and die happy / I made the choice between love and being free.” “Crystalline,” however, is one of the most memorable with its clean yet intense vocal delivery. “Magnetic Service” wraps up Moonchaser with more amazing vocal deliveries, and a slowly moving, guitar-crazed conclusion.

Moonchaser is a great listen. The technically-proficient, upbeat instrumentals and dual vocals make for awesome moments that are on-track with bands like Into it. Over it.. The emotions are heard loud and clear vocally, but a lot of the tracks also have beautiful instrumentals that capture the more transcendent side of those feelings, which is really what makes Moonchaser stand out.

Download/order Moonchaser on bandcamp and catch them in Philly TOMORROW (August 31) with Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe, Pocket, Jet Set Sail, and Loose Tooth.

Try before you buy?  Check out Moonchaser below!


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  1. Lauren Silvestri

    August 30, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    I never heard of “math rock” before, but it sounds like something I would really like. Awesome review!

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