Adore Delano’s Debut Album Is A Party

As a season seven contestant on American Idol, Danny Noriega had the pipes but didn’t leave much legacy with the dwindling viewership of the show. As drag queen Adore Delano on RuPaul’s Drag Race season six, she became an explosive personality who won the hearts of drag lovers across the nation and ended the show in the top three. Adore started recording immediately after the show ended and debuted her first album Till Death Do Us Party in June of 2014 through Sidecar Records.


Many drag queens from the show including RuPaul, the mother of drag, has put out albums, but Adore Delano’s album differs in that she can actually sing without relying heavily on autotune. The fun-loving queen was often noted for ending phrases with “Party!.” The album is true to her demeanor. Party anthem after party anthem, this album displays the high  level of energy this young, budding artist. With titles such as “Party,” “DTF,” and “Speak My Sex,” you know this album is going to be more Miley and less Taylor.


The first track “Speak My Sex” is sexy, upbeat, and club ready. The vocals are spot on as she portrays a devilish party girl. With all the mixing and drumming involved on this track, there’s no possible way that one can sit still and listen. As one of the few non-explicit tracks, “Give Me Tonight” is entertaining and fitting for a pop princess out for a riot. The opposite in terms of appropriateness is “I Look F***in’ Cool,” which is more of a comedic track. It’s filled with all sorts of obscene things that you can’t help laughing along to how ridiculous it is.

The best track on the album, “I Adore U,” is where she really let’s her vocals shine. Combining rap sections with more lyrical singing on top of a heavy bass track keeps the song from being just a sad breakup song. The intrigue of the hip hop sound adds empowerment and you’ll definitely be hearing it at Woody’s on a Friday night.

Till Death Do Us Party hits the mark when it comes to entertainment level. As a drag queen, entertainment is everything. Adore Delano is only 24 and with all the makeup in the world, she could stay in the business until she’s 100 so there is definitely more coming from this young talent.

Adore Delano, shanté, you stay.


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  1. Cami

    September 9, 2014 at 3:04 am

    Can’t wait to see her on a mainstream talk show like “Arsenio” or “Chelsea Lately.” Oh wait…

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