Cruisr releases dancy debut EP, All Over Now

Local pop band Cruisr recently released their ‘debut’ EP All Over Now via Vagrant Records, which features re-done versions of olders songs “Kidnap Me” and Don’t Go Alone” alongside a brand new hit title track. The band’s knack for writing sing-a-long hooks over uplifting and grooving instrumentals with thumping beats earned them a spot at this year’s Made In America Festival, and their latest EP is more evidence of their ability to make any listener feel like they’re basking in the sun and enjoying a cold one.

The band comes alive as soon as “All Over” sweeps in with mellow guitar before coming into a bass-driven verse laden with confident and fun vocals. Once the chorus drops, the band is glowing within the music and they capture the excitement of a fleeting moment in their sound with skill and a laid-back attitude. Their first ‘hit’ song, “Kidnap Me,” sounds even more bold and clear than it did previously recorded, which is a huge feat. This song is a true summer jam that will take you back to those sunny, convertible-driving, summer days all through the fall and winter. Some interesting instrumental additions and an even better performance from vocalist/guitarist Andy States make it a must listen that should be playing through radios everywhere. “Don’t Go Alone” wraps up the three-song EP with fuzzy bass in the verse and another contagious chorus that floats above the rest of the song sonically, with clever guitar licks and love-inducing lyrics.

All Over Now is an awesome, feel-good EP. It’s easy listening that is done thoughtfully with a mentality to master the art of pop music in their own way. And while these Philly locals seem to be totally inspired by easy breezy summers, frontman States thinks otherwise, “It’s funny because we’re from Philadelphia and we write songs that sound like summer, which is a fleeting season here. I guess it’s just because Philly is where we feel happiest, and when we’re happy we write happy music.”

Stream All Over Now below and get tickets to see Cruisr play Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, October 8th with Dream Safari and Suburban Living here.

Album art and quote via Vagrant Records.

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