EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes of The Lawsuits’ “Tumbled” EP

Philly darlings the Lawsuits have been plenty busy ever since the release of their debut album Cool, Cool, Cool last year, which gathered acclaim from all over. Throughout the year, they’ve made their way around the Northeast, helped start a new recording label in Philly, and made the rounds on the festival circuit, including a killer set on the River Stage at XPN’s XPoNential Festival this summer. Now, fans’ anticipation builds as the band prepares to release Tumbled, an EP that shows off their latest musical efforts.

The Lawsuits will release Tumbled at Johnny Brenda’s this Friday, September 26, and eager ears can stream the whole thing online before the show.  For hardcore fans, Rock on Philly got the behind-the-scenes info on the EP’s songs from guitarist/songwriter Brian Dale Allen Strouse–check out his track-by-track thoughts, below, while you stream “Sweet Marcelle”.

“(Darla Nye) Never Love Someone – Written and recorded simultaneously around 3AM a few months ago. I had to be very quiet when doing the original demo version of it because my fiancé was asleep in the bedroom, which is not far from my home studio. We did end up keeping some of the original vocals (the chipmunk vocal) , and one original acoustic guitar. We tracked drums and bass at a beach house in Jersey – Went down inspired by Mark Knopfler vocal style/melody.

Gimmie Gimmie – Written and recorded simultaneously. Fast and fun rock song about drugs and love.

Sweet Marcelle – Written and recorded simultaneously. I think this is the best song we’ve ever recorded. Beautifully complex melody and straight forward feel make the experience of listening to it like a ride. Also, this tune, as an instrumental, is great (arguably better).

You Aren’t the Same – Written and recorded simultaneously. One of the strangest structures of any Lawsuits song. Still not sure how I wrote this one. Very cool song though…seems to reflect a relationship gone wrong though the eyes of the wronged, but at the moment when they come out of the hole their partner had them in for so long. A very sad, but uplifting, tune about the rebirth or the awakening of a person.”


Form your own thoughts on the EP by picking up tickets to the show for only $10.  Doors open at 8PM, and the show is 21+ (sorry, minor fans!) Get yourself there without any parking stress by taking SEPTA’s Market-Frankford line to the Girard Street station, only about a block from Johnny Brenda’s!

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