Fairies, Fantasy, and Foxtail Fest

Music festivals are one of the trademarks of summer, along with beaches and barbecues. Last Saturday, September 20th, What Scene, Philadelphia-based multimedia & event production company, took advantage of the last days of warm weather. Prolonging summer a bit longer, the company hosted the 2nd Annual Foxtail Festival at District N9NE, night club and concert venue in the heart of the city. With beach balls, bubbles and fairies hanging from the ceiling, What Scene set the stage for a mystical evening. Hosted by Philadelphian royalty Cory Townes, son of hometown legend DJ Jazzy Jeff, Foxtail Fest was a marathon of both local and popular musicians held from 4pm ending long after midnight.

Lil Uzi Vert’s performance began long before he graced the stage, dancing shirtless in the audience with an infectious energy that did not allow those near him to be still. Theodore Grams‘ raw performance transformed the festival into an underground rap concert. All of New York, or close to it, joined A$AP ANT and ASVP NVST for their set featuring freestyles as well as popular singles like “Shabba.” The belle of the rap ball was West Philadelphia’s own, Chynna, whose stage presence and gritty lyrics commanded the respect of her male counterparts. The evening ended with Top Dawg Entertainment’s SZA, the festival’s headliner. Accompanied by a live band and semi-barefoot, she instantly shifted spectators to a more intimate and mellow energy. One of many highlights of her performance was her duet of HiiiJack with a talented fan, making Foxtail Fest an evening many will not soon forget.

Photography by Molly Rose Olson.

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