Go In ‘Blind’ With Vajra!

Fresh off performances at Philly’s Liberty Music Festival and Pottstown’s Evolvefest, NY band Vajra is turning heads all over the East Coast, touring on the strength of their new single “Blind” (featured below!).

If you’re a music fan looking for something refreshing and different, this is it.  “Blind” is subtly infectious, using a constant syncopated beat and downtuned guitars that evoke a very devious, foreboding Eastern Indian feel, courtesy of main vocalist, songwriter and composer Annamaria Pinna, who hails from India.

Pinna’s heritage is stamped all over the track in subtle and creative ways.  The vocals are powerful and impassioned, evoking memories of Evanescence, but the total package is much smarter and structured than anything they ever put out.  As the song moves, it broadens and expands in all facets of its instrumentation, eventually leveling out into something with size and scope – a truly epic piece of music and very deserving of the ‘progressive’ genre label.

Listening with headphones gives it another feel entirely; the track is produced in a way that makes the instrumentation constantly surround you, genuinely lifting you toward a sense other than strictly aural.  Pinna has a neurological condition called synesthesia, which basically attributes some senses to other senses, namely colors and shapes to sound.  That someone like that would make an interesting musician is not surprising in the least.  Coming into fall and Halloween time, when everything’s a little darker and the nights get that much more mysterious, let this live in your speakers for a little and see how it moves you.

Vajra are on tour right now, playing tonight in the Amityville, NY area.  Did you see them play when they came through Philly? What’d ya think? Let us know in the comments!

Keep track of them through their Twitter @vajratemple and their Bandcamp here!


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