Mineral and Into It. Over It. Rock Union Transfer

Austin, TX-based emo band Mineral stopped by Philadelphia on Thursday to perform with Into It. Over It. at Union Transfer. Having been tapped to provide opening support for the duration of the tour, Into It. Over It. was energetic and eager to be playing in some familiar territory, as Evan Weiss is originally from Cherry Hill, NJ. Weiss thanked R5 and Sean Agnew for giving kids a place to go see developing acts outside of the big name promoters. The band played a handful of tracks from their newest album Intersections, which was released last year, as well as a few cuts from their first album Proper, which was released in 2011. As a special surprise, Matthew Fazzi from A Great Big Pile of Leaves joined the band for a few songs on keyboard before his band plays the Topshelf Records tour, which kicks off on Tuesday at The Barbary.


Reuniting just in time to celebrate the band’s twentieth anniversary, original members Chris Simpson (guitar/vocals), Jeremy Gomez (bass), Gabriel Wiley (drums), and Scott McCarver (guitar) were all in attendance to play their first shows since their split in 1997. EndSerenading was the second and final album released by the band in 1998 and was produced by Mark Trombino (Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World). Both The Power of Failing and EndSerenading vinyl reissues were available for purchase ahead of their street date of October 21st, but they’re also available for pre-order online here. The band will also be releasing Mineral – 1994-1998: The Complete Collection on CD in October, which features demos, alternate mixes, and bonus tracks.

Offering a stripped down approach, Mineral’s stage design was minimal and there was very little in terms of banter. Playing no fewer than 10 songs, fans were treated to a jam packed set featuring a great mix of tracks from both The Power of Failing and EndSerenading. The crowd clearly loved every moment, as evidenced by the huge mosh pit that erupted from the center of the crowd as soon as the first notes of “Gloria” were struck. Who can say what’s next for the band after the conclusion of this tour, but fans have proven themselves to be patient and still very much interested after all of this time.

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