Born Cages Amps Up Milkboy

Last Friday, the upstairs of Milkboy was roaring with great music. The night kicked off with Allentown band Summer Scouts. The lead vocalist owned the stage with her strong voice and aggressive drumming. The band looked fresh and their sound was impressive. They were definitely a good start to the night.

Public Access T.V. hit the stage next with sounds of classic rock. They’re a young, playful band from New York and they had the right energy to keep things going. With the typical setup of guitars, bass, and drums, PATV jammed away as more and more people filled into the bar.

Born Cages has the hip combination of urban and English-sounding indie rock. Before the show, I had the chance to talk to Vlad Holiday, the frontman of the New York band. From the ripped jeans to his edgy haircut, he owned the rocker look. He explained the origins of the band name as how you are born into a certain mold that may or may not change as you lead your life. Born Cages has an impressive resume including opening up for Guns N’ Roses in Chicago two years ago and their sound lives up to it. Their style was slightly Arctic Monkeys, with the cool bass line provided by Matt Maroulakos, and also very old school rock when Holiday would get up in front of the mic and start the super exciting guitar riffs. Not only was their sound amazing, they were visually entertaining too, with constantly changing lights and all of the band members getting really into it.

Their latest hit “Rolling Down the Hill” is perfection. It has the modern use of heavy synth that amps up the fun that’s portrayed. The guitar riffs rock and all the layers of sound totally work. Being relatively close to Philadelphia, the New York band will be making more stops in the future so keep updated on their tour schedule. They’re a band you can’t miss.

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