Sondre Lerche Dishes on Upcoming Philly Show and New Album, Please!

Norwegian singer/songwriter and multi- instrumentalist Sondre Lerche is coming to Philadelphia’s Underground Arts on September 25th and you have to be there. His newest album, Please, is slated for a September 23rd release and the upcoming show will undoubtedly feature old favorites as well as some new ditties. Rock On Philly got the chance to chat with Sondre about touring, the creative process behind Please, as well as the inspiration behind the video for his latest single, “Bad Law.”

ROP: Sondre, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with Rock On Philly. Where in the world are you calling from today?
Sondre: I’m actually calling from my backyard in Brooklyn. (laughs) Enjoying every bit of home before going on tour.

ROP: Very cool. So where is your tour taking you this year?
Sondre: Pretty much all over the place. We’re doing a month in the United States and then a month in Europe and then I think I’ll be going to Korea, Japan, and Indonesia after that. I go on tour and then I’m gone for the rest of the year.

ROP: Wow. That’s crazy exciting! What’s also exciting is the release of your newest album, “Please.” We’re stoked about that. What was the creative process like?
Sondre: Thank you! It was very freeing. I started working on this record almost three years ago. I had this dream to work in smaller brackets of time instead of taking the album as a whole. I did a couple of collaborations and going into the studio with nothing and coming out with a song I felt good about. Before I had always gone into the studio with a complete song structure. I wanted to allow for more collaborations between my musicians and producers. I recorded a few songs in my hometown in Bergen and then a few in Brooklyn. There was no regard for the bigger picture. It felt really good to work this way because it allowed for more surprises.

ROP: Very cool. What producers did you work with?
Sondre: Four of the songs are produced by my old friend Kato Adland, who I’ve worked with a great deal. We did the soundtrack for the film Sleepwalker together. He produced “Bad Law.” It’s fun to work with him because I’ve known him since I was 16 years old. We decided upon working together that we weren’t going to repeat anything we’ve done before. We only worked in new forms and new ways of making music. You can do that when you know someone.

Then I worked with this producer, young producer, Matias Tellez. He’s like 24 years old and really exciting to work with. Then of course I produced a few songs myself in Brooklyn.

ROP: I am in love with “Bad Law.” Can’t stop listening to it. It really grabs you. What is the inspiration behind the song?
Well the song started with this riff you hear. And it’s a song we’ve worked on for two years. I structured it differently from other songs I’ve done. We did the riff, then added drums and bass. I came up with the lyrics and melody over the track, which allowed for more freedom. Recording the vocals was a different experience too because singing over a beat was new for me too. I wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together. I was really surprised! It turned out pretty good and it’s an exciting song to share with people.

ROP: What’s the story behind the music video?
The video came from experience. I had this idea based on an experience where I got a little drunk at a party and very excitedly got into good spirits and started making an ass out of myself. Friends pulled me aside and let me know that I wasn’t as fun as I thought I was. So the theme of the video is when you misjudge your place. We’ve all sort of been there and I think it was a good match for the song. Hitting a new low, I guess.

ROP: So are you excited to come to Philly on September 25th?
Absolutely! We start in New York on the 23rd and then we make our way to Philly for our Underground Arts show. Definitely going to have a cheese steak. I have one every time I’m there.

ROP: What can we expect from your show this time around?
Sondre: It will be a full band and we’ll be playing songs from the whole catalog. We want to make people dance, take it down and make people cry, and then make them dance again. It’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful time!

ROP: Well Sondre, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We’re really looking forward to the show.
Sondre: It was my pleasure. See you there!

You can buy tickets to the 9/25 show at Underground Arts here.

Also, be sure to check out Sondre’s video for his latest single, “Bad Law” here:

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