“Try Try Try” Finds Local Band Silvertide in Top Form

Fans of Philly local band Silvertide rejoiced when the band released “Try Try Try,” its first single in 10 years on the airwaves of 93.3 WMMR Tuesday afternoon. Long revered for its classic rock and roll sound, the band took a hiatus a few years after its 2004 debut album Show & Tell. The band reunited around March 2013 with all the original members to play a sold-out show at the TLA, and soon began recording new music.

“Try Try Try” veers slightly from Silvertide’s blues-rock roots by including a gospel chorus for a more upbeat vibe. The song describes a classic theme of trying to avoid an irresistible person, but returning anyway. The track still includes components found in all of Silvertide’s music: a solo from virtuoso guitarist Nick Perri (yes, brother of singer Christina Perri), and singer Walt Lafty’s soulful wails. It’s a song that is instantly catchy, but gains more depth with multiple listens.

Fingers crossed the single will lead to another album soon, and then upcoming concerts. Silvertide is a band that you definitely want to see live. For now, buy the single here and listen to it below!

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