Why You Should Love Industrial

Is Industrial scary to you?  It really shouldn’t be.  It’s the grandaddy of dubstep, and the child of electronica and heavy metal.  When done well, the genre (and any of its sub-genre hybrids) can be extremely intricate and beautiful (see KMFDMNine Inch Nails, Psyclon Nine or Combichrist, pictured above).  Don’t let the fetish boots and PVC corsets fool you–those are just the visual parts of the whole performance of Industrial.  Like any theatrics associated with music (see glam metal, Visual Kei), the look is the theatricality of the music and takes the performance to another level.  Do you take Beyoncé’s or Nicki Minaj’s stage costumes seriously?  Or, believe the iconic KISS face makeup looks were actually their faces?  The Industrial look can be intimidating, but it is really a beautiful performance aspect of the music.



Theatrics aside, Industrial is typically the harsher and intentionally ear-splitting of the EDM (electronic dance music) genres.  Synthesizer, distortion, drum machine, bass…you name it, an Industrial musician has manipulated it and made it their subservient.  That means machine sounds, vocal distortion and choice overdubs (from old horror or slasher movies) are typical ways to exploit that sometimes violent sound.  Lyrics to accompany those sounds are at times crude or violent…so, you get songs like “Shut Up and Swallow” by Combichrist.  Other bands explore dark, supernatural imagery such as vampires or religious apocalypse (“Blood” by Velvet Acid Christ or “Lamb of God” by Psyclon Nine) for more artistic and lyrical effect.

Psyclon Nine

Psyclon Nine

Lyrics aside, the sound itself and how it makes the listener feel/dance is key.  Great Industrial and essentially all EDM  is in the composition; how the sounds are produced and layered on top of one another produces a sound that transcends banal thought process into pure emotion and a carnal need to move the body.

Don’t believe us?  Take a listen down below and let us know in the comments!

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  1. Lauren Silvestri

    September 17, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    I actually am a fan of industrial rock which surprised me at first from the stigma it has in the mainstream as goth-y, creepy, etc. The experimentation in the genre and its exploration of themes other than love, sex, and debauchery are really impressive and the artists are super talented.

  2. Sanau

    January 17, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    I love Visual Kei, but old school Visual Kei where the music and theatrical performances where the norm and musicians created a character around themselves for performance.

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