Fall in Love With Colbie Caillat’s Gypsy Heart

After the surprise release of her teaser EP in June, Colbie Caillat finally released the full album Gypsy Heart on September 30th through Republic Records. This album is a serious departure from her signature acoustic, simple sound. The tracks on Gypsy Heart are more heavily engineered than her previous works, but it suits her just fine.

The first track “Live It Up” is a great kick-off of the new sound. It starts with funky harmony and beats, and continues to be delightfully free-spirited in lyrics and vocal movement. The song is about being fearless and adventurous and the vocals are very free with the upper range in the chorus sung effortlessly. “Blaze” follows suit with the new engineered sound that makes this song very party appropriate. The reckless, fun-loving attitude is different from the character of her other songs, but as the young kids these days say, “YOLO.”

If You Love Me Let Me Go,” also part of the EP, is another track that showcases how Caillat is open to adapting to shifts in popular music. This track is a big contrast to “Try,” which is all acoustic guitar and piano. The soft strumming is a beautiful complement to her singing. Caillat gained press over the summer for her positive music video for “Try,” which featured many women, including Caillat, removing makeup in front of the camera, each stripping down to their bare beauty. One of the women remove her wig to reveal her hairless scalp and that’s the moment people lose it.

Land Called Far Away” is very folk, from the simple instrumentation consisting of banjo, shakers, and guitar, to the humming. The trail of broken hearts could be a reference to the title of the album. I’ll stay in love in a land called far away is an optimistic line despite having seen  many broken hearts in other people’s lives and not letting it be her heart that is broken. “Never Gonna Let You Down” goes along the same line when it comes to instrumentation. It’s tracks like these that will keep her fans coming back for more of that Colbie sound that they want.

Nice Guys” is the track with most R&B influence. Callait’s vocals are very relaxed and swings with syncopation. There are dramatic pauses for beat drops, and heavy synthesized sounds. This is more along the lines of “Favorite Song” from All of You that came out in 2011. “Bigger Love” is one of the heavily produced tracks. Upper vocal range more used than other tracks, which is airy in comparison to her fuller sound in the lower range.

Colbie Caillat may have changed up her style, but it’s not so different as to put off her dedicated followers. The tracks sound more pop, but the free-spirited, gypsy-like acoustic folk is very much what her music is all about. The album is a transition out of her comfort zone and it really does work. She’s currently wrapping up her Gypsy Heart Tour, which unfortunately missed Philly, but if she keeps selling out Atlantic City like the past two shows, she’ll be forced to make her way over. Follow Colbie Caillat on social media to stay in the loop!

Image courtesy of the artist.

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