Forbes Under 30 Music Festival: Our Top 8 Moments

On Sunday, October 19th, Forbes kicked off the first ever Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia with the Under 30 Music Festival at the Piazza. Tickets were free to those who got involved with Global Citizen, an organization committed to ending extreme poverty by 2030. The line- up included an impressive roster of artists, including Philly’s own Moosh and Twist, singer/songwriter L.P., Wiz Khalifa, and Afrojack. Miss the show? Don’t worry! Rock On Philly has you covered with our Top 8 Under 30 Music Festival moments.

1. Moosh and Twist giving it their all…

Moosh and Twist
Photo: Dan Drufovka


2. …despite Twist’s broken hand!

Moosh and Twist
Photo: Dan Drufovka

3. LP singing her heart out AND playing the ukulele simultaneously.

LP Under 30 Summit
Photo: Jennifer Logue

4. LP surprising all of us when she was joined by Taylor Hanson onstage playing the keys.

Taylor Hanson Under 30 Summit
Photo: Jennifer Logue

5. This random pumpkin.

Photo: Ben Parr

6. Wiz Khalifa bringing the heat despite the chill in the air.

Wiz Khalifa Under 30 Summit
Photo: Dan Drufovka

7. Afrojack’s insane ability to get a musically diverse crowd moving and grooving.

Afrojack Under 30 Summit
Photo: Dan Drufovka

8. The after party proposed for Wiz Khalifa by Piazza residents.
Wiz Khalifa Piazza
Photo: Dan Drufovka

Were you there? What did you think? Be sure to give us your take on the Under 30 Music Festival in the comments below!

Featured Image: Dan Drufovka


  1. cool

    November 27, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Nice to see Taylor Hanson. Very amazing singer. What a voice! Hanson founded their own label in their twenties and as independent artists don’t have the reach that major labels do. But they have so many amazing songs! Their Underneath album which they produced themselves in their early twenties is a work of pop genius. Their recent album called Anthem also has great songs like Tragic Symphony and Fired Up. Keep it up, Hanson. The event is a nice gathering of talented and passionate people who do what they do best.

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