Gerard Way Empowers Women in the City of Brotherly Love

“Philly, I wanna hear you sing this one with me! It’s called ‘Brother,’” Gerard Way said into the microphone during his sold-out show this weekend at the Trocadero. The crowd erupted with screams and claps, everyone trying to tell Way just how much they love the song. They also showed their love throughout the entire performance by singing along to the verses and screaming the drums of the city rain! during every chorus.

Gerard Way, former frontman of My Chemical Romance, released his debut solo album Hesitant Alien barely a month ago, and already his world tour is selling out due to his dedicated fans. Supporters of Way admire him and his point of view, but Philly fans, as demonstrated at the show this weekend, straight up love him. Despite the fact that Way’s live performances are high energy and centered around passionate rock songs, the crowd didn’t mosh or push others out of the way to get closer to the stage. The varied audience consisted of guys and girls from ages 15 to 45, and everyone was just genuinely excited to be there, thrilled to even be in the same room as the man they have been listening to for years. The crowd hung on Way’s every word, screaming and jumping for the entire set.

What’s even better is that the love went both ways. Way constantly blew kisses to the adoring crowd and reiterated his appreciation for his fans through his mic with “I love you” and “You’re beautiful.”

Way mostly played songs from Hesitant Alien, such as “Drugstore Perfume” and “Zero Zero,” with a few covers thrown in. But no My Chemical Romance songs.  His whole stage regalia was much different from the MCR days when he would wear all black and rock an angsty set.  This weekend, he sported the royal blue suit and the red tie that are pictured in his album cover, and his band played the pale pink bass and the light blue guitar featured in his music video for “No Shows.”  Everything about the performance beautifully promoted his new solo career, leaving only Way’s bright red hair and undeniably powerful vocals to invoke memories of MCR.

His songs are catchy, his energy contagious, and Way himself is captivating. But the best part of a Gerard Way show is what happens around the music. Way has always had a strong point of view, speaking out against suicide and encouraging young people to be true to themselves. This tour, however, Way has a new message. During a lull in the set, Way took the mic and said how every night on this tour he has been trying to say that although women are often belittled by men, they should never feel weak. “Men are scared of young women,” he said, “because women are more powerful now than they ever have been before.” Men and women alike in the crowd raised their hands and cheered as Way yelled that the world is changing, so “Stay strong, ladies!”

He then called a young girl up on stage for the next song, “Get the Gang Together,” to play the tambourine and share her dreams. After the song ended, Way told the screaming audience that he was proud of them. Everyone paused for a moment before clapping out of pure confusion. Way laughed and amended his statement; “I’m proud of the kind of people you are. Everyone’s concerned about the future, but I’m not worried at all!” This time, the audience blew up. Everyone cheered and screamed; they loved Way, and he was their inspiration. Way proceeded to say that everything’s about control. As the crowd grew louder, he got more passionate with his words, talking about how everyone has control of their lives to do whatever they want, ultimately screaming, “Don’t ever give control away for free,” to which the crowed went nuts.

From that point on, the crowd was deliriously hyped, and all eyes were fixed on Way. He went straight into the single from his new album, “No Shows,” and the end of the song was downright inspiring as the entire audience screamed we don’t need no shows while Way ran around the stage doing incredible vocal riffs.

When the show came to an end, the crowd was crying for more before Way and the band had even left the stage. It took about five minutes of “ONE MORE SONG” chanting and cheering before people started to become nervous that there was not going to be an encore. When a sound man came out to adjust Way’s mic, everyone became absolutely silent. But when someone screamed “One more song?” and the sound man nodded, the Trocadero exploded. People were jumping on each other, screaming, stomping, and clapping, completely overjoyed that they could have one more moment with Way before he went off to rev up another audience.

Way ended the night with “Dasher,” an unreleased track that, as he stated, is about a young woman who falls in love with a reindeer. Regardless of how emotional or inspirational some of his words may be, Way is always an entertainer, shaking his hips in a blue suit and singing about reindeer. And that’s why Philly and the rest of the world loves him. He connects with his listeners and loves them, staying after all of his shows to sign autographs and meet the people he has reached.  Way left the stage assuring the City of Brotherly Love: “Thank you Philly. I’ll be back!”

And, we would love to have him back!  In the meantime, take a peek at Gerard Way’s latest single “No Shows:

Were you at the show?  What was your experience!  Tell us in the comments below!

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