Nicky P talks inspiration, defining success as a musician, and his upcoming show on 11/29 at Milkboy

Nicky P is a singer/songwriter based out of Philadelphia. Over the past few years, he’s performed all over town at venues like Milkboy, Legendary Dobbs, and North Star Bar. He’s been featured as Artist of the Month at World Cafe Live and has even opened up for Pete Francis of Dispatch. In the next few months, he will release his first ever EP but not before he performs Milkboy on November 29th. Nicky P sat down with Rock On Philly to talk about the upcoming show, defining success as a musician, and finding inspiration.


ROP: Nicky P, first and foremost, thank you for chatting with us!
Nicky P: No problem! It’s my pleasure.


ROP: So for those out there who may not be familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?
Nicky P: I’m a positive vibe, upbeat kinda guy so I want my music to reflect that not only in my sound, but in my lyrics as well. At my show you get a Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz meets G Love kinda mix.


ROP: Are you Philly born and raised?
Nicky P: I wish, but sadly I was not raised in Philly.  I grow up in a town called Langhorne in Bucks County.  I lived in Fishtown for 3 years which is where I really got back into making music. Right now I live in Manayunk.


ROP: That’s pretty close to Philly still though! I would still say it’s the Philly region. Where do you find inspiration?
Nicky P: Honestly, my inspiration is random.  I can go days without touching my guitar and in one day for some reason, something clicks.  The chords feel right and the lyric flow how I want them. Before I know it a song is made.


ROP: One of my favorite songs of yours is “Special Friend.” What is it about? What was the songwriting process like?
Nicky P: First off, it always puts a smile on my face when I hear someone say things like that.  Makes me feel like I am doing something right so thank you. The song “Special Friend” is about my brother Danny, who might be the coolest cat I know.  With help from my parent, who are amazing supporters of my music, every show they make Danny is always there. Front and center no matter what.  And every time, right before I go on stage, Danny would always ask me “Nick, play my song!”  Danny’s song, by the way, is the Celtic song “Oh Danny Boy.” He thinks a Celtic song was written about him. Eventually, I started feeling a little bad because every show he would ask me to play his song and I never covered that song. It’s just not my style and I didn’t know how to fit it in.  So I did the next best thing. I wrote him a song called Special Friend.  I wanted it to be a fun song all around, both musically and lyrically.  I wanted people to get just a little taste of how truly amazing my brother is.  Yes, I know he is “special” and so does he, but that doesn’t mean he can’t live a normal life.  So I take him out to bars in Philly and let me tell you, on a side note, my brother can cut a rug! I took all those moments and condensed as best as I could into this song. So the writing process was really fun to do. It was by far the most fun I had writing a song and yes, Danny loves the heck out of it.


ROP: That’s so moving! Thank you for sharing that story. Love the song even more now. So aside from writing, what is your favorite thing about performing live?
Nicky P: Looking into the crowd and seeing people dance or nodding their heads back and forth. Those kind of reactions to my music, as I am playing, really puts a smile on my face. Knowing that you are playing YOUR music and people are loving it. People are smiling, dancing, clapping because of your sound.  I am not playing “Free Falling” or “Save Tonight,” I am playing an original song, that I wrote, and getting some awesome reactions.  That just makes the process of practicing, creating music, doing what you have to to get a gig worth it every minute.


ROP: Do you have anything special planned for your Milkboy Show on November 29th? What can fans expect? Any new songs? Fun covers?
Nicky P: Something special. I usually don’t have anyone singing with me for my gigs, but my friend Tiffany Grochowski will be joining me on stage for this show.  This girl can really sing and is just going to add an awesome dimension to my music. As for cover, I don’t play many covers, but each show I’ll throw one maybe two in. I like to cover songs people don’t normally cover and kinda mold it to my style. One song I will cover is “Pony” by Ginuwine.  Looking forward to people’s reaction when that song is played. As for new songs, there will be two new tunes I will be playing this gig. “Little Love” and “I Won’t Give In.”


ROP: I gotta hear this Ginuwine cover. Awesome! So what do you love most about the Philly music scene? Who are some of your favorite artists?
Nicky P: The main thing I love about the Philly music scene is the bond and friendships you develop.  Some of my closest friends are musicians.  The music world is a tough world to live in and we all know this, but we keep fighting, we keep playing that next gig because you just never know.Some of my favorite artist, Philly wise, my buddy Bruno has a band called Former Belle. If you haven’t heard of them you should probably look them up. Amazing live.  If you dig folk definitely look into Christopher Davis-Shannon.  Outside of Philly some of my favorite artists are Jack Johnson, G Love, and Dispatch.


ROP: If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be and why? (living or dead)
Nicky P: Easy question, Jack Johnson.  The guy makes awesome music that you literally cannot be upset when you listen to it.  I mean, is there anyone more down to earth then that guy? The answer to that riddle is probably not.  When you listen to my music you can definitely hear a Jack Johnson influence.


ROP: How do you define success as a musician?
Nicky P: For me, it’s the little things.  Odds say I will not make it in the music world and I know that, but that doesn’t stop me from impacting those in reach.  Every time I hear someone say, “Great show” or “I loved those lyrics,” those type of comments mean the world. Those comments tell me I’m successful.


ROP: What is a little known fact about Nicky P?
Nicky P: I have the privilege of playing in the pro league of a sport called Kronum.  It’s a fast pace game that involves different components of different sports. It’s impossible to explain here so I recommend using our pal Google to help clarify the confusion.


ROP: Where can fans find your music online?
Nicky P: Main website is  Starting November 8th I hit the studio to record my first EP and this website will give updates on that.  If you want to listen to some demos I have done here’s the website for that:


If you’d like to check out Nicky P live, be sure to snag tickets to his Milkboy show on November 29th. Link here!

You can listen to Nicky P’s song, “Special Friend,” below:

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  1. Lauren Silvestri

    October 28, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    This guy seems super down-to-earth and in music for the right reasons.

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