Philly’s Split/Red Makes a Bold First Impression

Local punk band Split/Red recently released their debut album Serious Heftwhich packs a noisy punch with influences from the Fugazi-era. Loud, boisterous vocals from Nebadon Adams, spastic riffs from Stephen Buono and Travis Woodson, and a killer bass and drum section from Matt Engle and Ricardo Lagomasino respectively, make up a must-listen-to six songs release.

“Manifest Blasphemy” opens up with piercing guitar and immediately grabs your attention with its manic demeanor. Adams exclaims “My heaven is your hell!” and the guitar shrieks before going into a distorted and mind-melting solo. A churning verse and chorus melt into one towards the end, and the song tumbles into a chaotic mix of screeching guitars and steady, pounding drums. “Crown of Horns” has more of a put-together swag to it, with a chill riff and beat that accompanies vocals about “the one that got away.” “Un Poco Foco” brings back in their off-the-walls nature, with quickly-moving riffs and earnest shouts that result in the most intense song on the album. The band slows down a bit on the epic “Road to Aguilares (for Rutilio Grande),” before blasting back off on “Cuban Heels.”  This track is made up of fun and creative guitar work going at some of the fastest speeds we hear on the record, good luck to any crowd on keeping up with this one live.  “Scuzz Byrd” wraps up the EP with a huge wall of guitar and heavy drums that keep the track going amidst a softer moment and one last crazy guitar solo.

Serious Heft is a must-listen for anyone who likes forward-thinking punk rock. The band takes their gritty mentality in stride with a desire for experimentation that results in an abrasive and progressive record.

Split/Red will be holding their release show on Sunday, November 2nd at Johnny Brenda’s with The Bad Doctors and Blowdryer, get tickets here. Pick up Serious Heft here via New Atlantis Records.

Can’t wait till then?  Stream Serious Heft below and see what we’re talking about!

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